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Dubai recorded $6.73bln FDI in 2020; 455 projects created 18,325 jobs

Dubai recorded $6.73bln FDI in 2020; 455 projects created 18,325 jobs

The emirate also achieved a record global market share in greenfield FDI projects





Ahmed Al Qassim

UAE dirham bonds offer diversification opportunities for investors, borrowers

A robust domestic bond market can serve investors across varying market segments, investment objectives and risk profiles

Sid Bhatia

Show your work! Why explainable AI is crucial for sustainable adoption

So-called "black-box AI" can lead to bad decisions, with little post-mortem capability that would allow stakeholders to determine points of failure. To generate trust in such systems, we must expose the path between data and actionable information or indeed action itself, as is the case in fully automated architectures

Jay Riche

E-Invoicing - the new dawn of automated compliance

Given the trajectory of tax trends around the Middle East, we fully expect that e-invoicing and other automation mandates will be part of the standard across the rest of the GCC in the near future

Dustin Seale

Beyond bureaucracy: The UAE and Israel top vaccine roll-out charts

There are lessons for nations and businesses to be learned from the United Arab Emirates' and Israel's response to COVID-19 pandemic

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