By eliminating, or at least minimizing, the risk of widespread bank runs, regulators could allow banks to fail with limited collateral damage
Heading into 2023, with the pandemic waning in the public discourse, there is much to look forward to. That said, the optimism should not betray the financial lessons that the global economy exuded in 2022
The last three years have been full of unexpected events. It is not over; unpredictability has become the norm of a new investment era, with more inflation and less globalization
There are opportunities here for building the kind of partnerships the region needs to entrench a high-skilled, post-carbon economy at home
Exploring the possibilities of complementary financial systems
Following the fallout of FTX, 2023 will be a pivotal year for the crypto industry to recover investor trust.
Monetary policy tightening brings US and European economies close to a grinding halt, while in China, the outlook is determined by politics, not the economy. After the valuation reset across asset classes in 2022, we expect a further cool-down in growth and inflation for 2023, which is the right time to lock in attractive yields while looking for assets that will benefit from a recovery into 2024 as the year progresses
Family and social enterprise is where wealth and changemakers rest, especially in the GCC region



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