Crypto is a mission-driven industry and shouldn’t be open to those who aren’t here for the mission or who don’t care about the security of their clients
A key aspect that insurers need to highlight is the importance of starting young to ensure that customers aren't paying higher premium rates
Due to the amount of liquidity and low cost of raising capital caused by the pandemic, start-up fintech benefitted the most. They effortlessly received great valuations simply based on the ability to acquire customers rather than on profitability
Yes, it would be nice if this glittering football showcase was being held in our own backyard, but their success will surely translate into our own future hosting success – well beyond this 2022 competition
Asset allocation aims at combining the growth exposure from cyclical assets with the protection from defensive ones, to weather all market conditions. It usually works, but not this year
The next step for the UAE to become an undisputed leading educational centre in the world will be to continue attracting the best universities to open a campus in the emirates
We might want to put the race for cash on pause, however, as fintech solutions might be better equipped for dealing with this issue and ultimately more beneficial to struggling consumers as a whole
Cryptocurrencies are helping to facilitate the development of a full web-based economy, one built on the core principles of financial freedom and inclusion