When I look at the world today through the lens of past EM market experiences, a perfect storm is brewing for indebted countries with undiversified economies

Libya: What does the future hold?

The future of Libya is one of economic renewal and diversification. With political stability comes the promise of investment and intra-African trade
A CBDC is a much-needed step. People look for cheaper and faster options to conduct payment transactions and it does not matter to them who is the provider

Actions to take now to counter inflation

While the UAE and other GCC countries have not experienced the surge in prices being witnessed in other parts of the world, this region is not immune to inflationary pressures.
Governments today want to foster innovation and market growth; but they are also cautious about the potential misuse of crypto for sanctions evasion

Is the global inflationary environment having an impact on GCC economies?

Moody’s Investors Service expects that the additional government measures will contain the increase in sociopolitical risks observed in much of the broader Middle East and Africa region
Fully decentralized blockchains such as Bitcoin are still not feasible to use at scale due to the lower transaction throughput offered by existing centralized systems, representing one of the main stumbling blocks to broad-based adoption of crypto assets as a means of payment
It’s not the end of the age of “magic money”, because of the way Western democracies are run and indebted. The ECB just illustrated it. Inflation may be a healthy wake-up call