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HSBC issues first green mortgages in the UAE

HSBC issues first green mortgages in the UAE

Green home loans will be available for properties across the UAE if they meet sustainability criteria





Ian Albert

Resilience - avoiding long-term risk in real estate investment

Perception of resilience in the real estate market should change with the advent of the global pandemic, argues Ian Albert. While cities in the USA have been highlighted for their ability to recover from meteorological events, global investors should consider factors relating to COVID-19 response when it comes to assessing market resilience

Maurice Gravier

A strong start to the year for global and GCC markets

One year after the world went into lockdown, it is time for good news

Shiva Mehrotra

Pandemic spurs GCC to explore newer ways to ensure food security

The industry's growth potential coupled with series of government reforms to enhance local food production is encouraging local and international players to expand their foothold in the sector

Sammar Essmat

How COVID-19 is pushing MENA companies to embrace flex work

In MENA, however, many companies have balked at the idea of flex work, fearing that employees cannot be trusted to work remotely. But many firms are making the switch

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