last updated on: 14 March 2014

Denholm Yam Contracting Company

Also known as: DY, DYCC, Denholm Yam

fast facts

Business Summary Manufacture of pipes, pressure vessels, platforms, structural steel and skids; provides electromechanical contracting, plumbing, blasting and painting works; boat and ship repair and maintenance services. Country of Incorporation UAE Ownership Type Private Established In 1995 Primary Sector Industrial Manufacturing Number of Employees 1600

Contact details

Primary address
Denholm Yam Contracting Company Building R6, Plot 328
Abu Dhabi Industrial City 2
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

Zawya industry classifications

  • Industrial Manufacturing
    1. Basic Materials and Industrial Products
      1. Fabricated Metals
        1. Makers (Primary Industry)
  • Construction
    1. Construction and Design
      1. Electro-Mechanical Contractors
      2. Specialty Contractors
  • Transport
    1. Transportation Products
      1. Boats and Ships
        1. Repair and Maintenance Services

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