last updated on: 08 September 2016

HumanSoft Holding Company K.S.C.P.

Also known as: HumanSoft, HumanSoft Holding

last trade: 3.0 KWD (28 February 2017) -0.04

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fast facts

Country Kuwait Ownership Type Publicly Listed
ID Stock Type Currency Exchange Symbol

Stock Performance Powered by Thomson Reuters Eikon

  • 3.0
  • -0.04
  • -1.00%  
  • 3.04
  • 3.04
  • 3.0 
  • 37,152
  • 15
  • 112,942,080
  • KWD 367M

Contact details

Primary address
Dar Alawdi Building
Ahmad Al Jaber Street
4th Floor
Al Sharq Area
Kuwait City
Dasman 15454
Al Assimah

Zawya industry classifications

SECTOR (Definitions) INDUSTRY (Expand All)
  • Education
    1. Investment Companies - Education Services
      1. Conventional (Primary Industry)
    2. Colleges and Universities
      1. Universities
    3. Vocational Trade Education
      1. Training Centers
        1. Language
        2. Other Training Centers
  • Information Technology
    1. IT Services
      1. Website Solutions
        1. Ecommerce Website Design and Services
  • Real Estate
    1. Properties and Zones
      1. Free Trade Zones
    2. Real Estate Management
      1. General Property Management


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