last updated on: 28 February 2015

Bank of London and The Middle East plc.

Also known as: BLME, Bank of London and The Middle East

last trade: 0.670 GBP (05 October 2016) -0.03

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fast facts

Country United Kingdom Ownership Type Publicly Listed
ID Stock Type Currency Exchange Symbol
BLME.LSE Ordinary GBP London SE BLME
BLME.DIFX Ordinary USD Nasdaq Dubai BLME

Stock Performance Powered by Thomson Reuters Eikon

  • 0.670
  • -0.03
  • -4.30%  
  • 0.700
  • 0.700
  • 0.700 
  • 5,470,413
  • 1
  • 3,665,177
  • GBP 3,279M

Contact details

Primary address
Sherborne House
119, Cannon Street
1st Floor
United Kingdom

Zawya industry classifications

SECTOR (Definitions) INDUSTRY (Expand All)
  • Financial Services
    1. Asset Management
      1. Islamic (Primary Industry)
    2. Banking
      1. Commercial Banking
        1. Islamic
    3. Investment Banking
      1. Investment Advisory Services
        1. Islamic
    4. Investment Firms and Funds
      1. Private Equity Firms
        1. Islamic


  • Name availableChairman
  • Name availableVice Chairman
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableChief Executive Officer
  • Name availableChief Financial Officer
  • Name availableChief Operating Officer
  • Name availableDirector, Asset Management
  • Name availableDirector, Institutional Sales
  • Name availableDirector, International Leasing
  • Name availableDirector, General Legal
  • Name availableDirector, Treasurer
  • Name availableDirector, Treasury
  • Name availableDirector, Head of Fixed Income
  • Name availableDirector, Head of Asset Management
  • Name availableDirector, Head of Corporate Banking
  • Name availableDirector, Head of Corporate and Structured Finance
  • Name availableDirector, Head of United Kingdom Leasing
  • Name availableDirector, Head of Real Estate
  • Name availableDirector, Head of Treasury Sales
  • Name availableDirector, Head of Leasing
  • Name availableAssistant Director, Leasing
  • Name availableAssistant Director, Corporate Banking
  • Name availableHead of Leasing
  • Name availableHead of Risk Management and Compliance
  • Name availableHead of Operations
  • Name availableHead of Communication and Marketing
  • Name availableHead of Human Resources
  • Name availableSenior Manager, Treasury Sales
  • Name availableSenior Manager, Financial Institutions
  • Name availableTrade Finance Manager
  • Name availableTrade Finance Manager
  • Name availableChief Executive Officer, BLME Holdings plc
  • Name availableChief Compliance Officer, BLME Holdings plc
  • Name availablePrinciple Representative, UAE
  • Name availableDirector, Head of Investors Relations

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