last updated on: 13 February 2015

Consolidated Contractors Company

Also known as: CCC, CCC Group

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fast facts

Country Greece Ownership Type Foreign

Contact details

Primary address
Consolidated Contractors Company Building
Amaroussion Area
  • Tel: +30 210-618-2000
  • Fax: +30 210-619-9224

Zawya industry classifications

SECTOR (Definitions) INDUSTRY (Expand All)
  • Conglomerates
    1. Multi-line
  • Construction
    1. Construction and Design
      1. Civil Contractors
        1. Heavy Industries (Primary Industry)
        2. General
        3. Infrastructure
        4. Marine
      2. Architectural and Engineering Services
        1. Engineering Consulting Services
      3. Electro-Mechanical Contractors
      4. Offshore Contractors
      5. Specialty Contractors
  • Industrial Manufacturing
    1. Basic Materials and Industrial Products
      1. Construction Materials
        1. Aggregates and Concrete
    2. Machinery and Equipment
      1. Electrical Machinery and Equipment
        1. Distributors
  • Oil and Gas
    1. Oil and Gas Field Services
  • Real Estate
    1. Real Estate Management
      1. General Property Management
  • Services
    1. Business Services
      1. Staffing
        1. Outsourced Human Resources Services


  • Name availableChairman
  • Name availableVice Chairman
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availableDirector
  • Name availablePresident, Engineering and Construction
  • Name availableChief Financial Officer
  • Name availableChief Information Officer, Corporate Assets and Risk Managment
  • Name availableGroup Vice President, Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Investments
  • Name availableGroup Vice President, Engineering, Procurement and Electromechanical
  • Name availableGroup Vice President, Accounts and Financial Control
  • Name availableGroup Vice President, Sales, Proposals and Support
  • Name availableExecutive Vice President, Operations
  • Name availableExecutive Director, Pipelines
  • Name availableVice President, Operations, Deployment and Human Resources
  • Name availableVice President, Oil, Gas and Pipelines, Sales, Estimation and Proposals
  • Name availableVice President, Oil and Gas
  • Name availableVice President, Renewable Energy and Special Assignments
  • Name availableVice President, Civil, Sales, Estimation and Proposal
  • Name availableVice President, Treasury and Insurance
  • Name availableVice President, Corporate Risk Audit, Assets Control and Acquisitions
  • Name availableVice President, Technical Audit and Cost Monitoring
  • Name availableVice President, Human Resources, Rewards and Systems
  • Name availableVice President, Construction Support and Quality Management
  • Name availableVice President, Information Systems and Technology
  • Name availableManaging Director, Buildings
  • Name availableGeneral Manager, Substations
  • Name availableGeneral Manager, BOT, Power, Desalination and Alternate Energy
  • Name availableAccounts Manager
  • Name availableVice Chairman, Sicon Oil & Gas
  • Name availableRegional Managing Director, Operations of UAE and Palestine
  • Name availableRegional Managing Director, Operations, Special Assignments
  • Name availableRegional Managing Director, Operations, Commonwealth of Independent States and Iraq
  • Name availableRegional Managing Director , Africa, Asia and the Pacific
  • Name availableArea Managing Director, Saudi Arabia
  • Name availableArea Managing Director, Yemen
  • Name availableArea Managing Director, Nothern Emirates
  • Name availableManaging Director, Operations, North Africa
  • Name availableManaging Director, Offshore and Underwater Engineering
  • Name availableManaging Director, Operations, Affiliated Companies
  • Name availableGeneral Manager, Qatar
  • Name availableArea Managing Director, Jordan
  • Name availableArea Manager, Oman
  • Name availableArea General Manager, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia
  • Name availableArea General Manager, Egypt and Sudan
  • Name availableArea Manager, Syria
  • Name availableArea Managing Director, Lebanon

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