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Genesis Institute


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Business Summary Provides courses in business and management. Country of Incorporation UAE Ownership Type Foreign Established In 2008 Primary Sector Education Number of Employees 6

Contact details

Primary address
Building 8
1st Floor, Office F19
Dubai Knowledge Village Free Zone Area
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Zawya industry classifications

  • Education
    1. Vocational Trade Education
      1. Technical Schools
        1. Business and Management (Primary Industry)

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More Certified Management Accountants needed for growth

Dubai, UAE; 26 August 2014: Genesis Institute, a leading provider of financial training solutions in the UAE, is encouraging finance professionals to get certified ahead of the lucrative growth and expansion set to happen in the UAE over the next six years, towards 2020. Certified Management Accountants (CMAs) are crucial for the processes involved in the forecasting, analysis and control in all

Press Release - 26-Aug-2014

Financial modeling training crucial ahead of fiscal planning season

Dubai, UAE; 24 July 2014: Genesis Institute, a leading provider of financial training solutions in Dubai, UAE, is actively reaching out to corporates to raise awareness about the importance of effective financial planning, ahead of the upcoming 'fiscal planning' season. In support of their efforts, a four day Financial Modeling Masterclass will be held in Dubai starting 08 September 2014 in

Press Release - 24-Jul-2014

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