Tabadul, a leading Saudi company innovating and providing digital logistics solutions and services, has participated in the 5th edition of the Saudi Transfreight & Logistics Conference which was held on May 30 and 31 2022 in the Saudi capital Riyadh. The conference offered a platform for discussing the best practices to develop the transportation sector in the Kingdom and the region. Its session topics and panel discussions revolved around the future of the shipping and logistics services industry as well as the vast opportunities brought about by Saudi Vision 2030 to promote this sector and transform the Kingdom into a global logistics hub. At the event, participants touched on the solutions offered by logistics services software programs from the exporter to the destination, showcasing the latest technologies implemented in the field including big data, global smart transport programs, and integration of multi-modal freight transport. 

Participating in a panel discussion at the event, director of business development at Tabadul, Ammar Aljefri discussed the importance of automation to developing and enhancing logistics services and increasing the agility of the supply chain, in addition to the Kingdom’s leading role in ensuring the growth of digital logistics services in the region.

Aljefri also addressed the steps taken by Tabadul alongside its partners from the governmental sector to boost the performance and operational efficiency and enhance the digital readiness of all sectors, supporting Saudi Arabia’s journey to become a global logistics hub. He added that Tabadul collaborates with several government entities and businesses which integrate its digital solutions into their operations to enhance their capabilities and productivity, thereby serving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 by contributing to several key programs, mainly the National Industrial Development and Logistics program (NIDLP) and the National Transformation Program.

Tabadul is a leading Saudi digital logistics company established by Royal Decree to assist in the digital transformation of the logistics and business sectors. The company’s primary task is to develop secure technology solutions that facilitate international trade by promoting efficiency and transparency while enhancing operational performance to support the region’s economic aspirations and progress towards large-scale development.