Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Albal Design, a contemporary design firm, has launched UAE’s first science-based concept called ‘Tafaseel’ - that transforms any home or commercial space to reflect an individual’s personality, style/mood or brand identity.

Putting years into research, Emirati interior designer Noura Alghandi has developed the concept ‘Tafaseel’ - integrating psychology, music and art to provide design cues to showcase a brand's identity/ individual style. Tailormade to each client and project, it empowers creative storytelling and ability to transform it to a tangible design. 

Clients are given the freedom to express themselves by scribbling on a piece of paper over any music and blindfolded. Applying cognitive psychology to indicate a connection between shapes and feelings/memory - Albal’s team analyses the scribbles to extract details such as shapes, texture, colours and patterns. This process helps stir memories/ emotions that they are most comfortable with, which is then translated to create unique designs that can be applied to interiors, branding, furniture and even couture.

Noura Alghandi, Founder said, “We spend so much time indoors - so, your home, office or even a retail outlet should be able to reflect your personality, company culture/identity or be able to connect with a customer. Psychology and design go hand in hand - and this collaborative process just helps articulate a customer's story to bring a fresh perspective, and a fantastic and unique design.”

This design process can be incorporated into any space, leading to better productivity / sales in commercial projects, staff well-being, or a sanctuary for homeowners.


About Albal designs

ALBAL, a contemporary design firm that specializes in Interior Architecture and everything design, for example, product design, fine arts, and more. The company has design concepts across various sectors - includes commercial and residential properties (villas, penthouses, apartments), hospitality, F&B, retail, etc. across the Middle East.

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