• Around 4,000 attendees from over 40 countries

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The 10th edition of the Emirates Oncology Conference – EOC 2022, concluded on a high note in Abu Dhabi as the leading oncology event in the region and focused on revealing the latest advancements made in cancer research, education, and technologies in the field from around the world. EOC is now a benchmark in the UAE when it comes to continuous medical education for healthcare professionals in the field of cancer treatment and management.

The event, which is hosted by Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA), the largest healthcare network in the UAE, is committed to aid and follow through on the UAE’s pledge to provide its residents with world-class health care and ensuring that medical professionals receive continuous medical and professional education at the highest international standards.

Yousef Altheeb Al Ketbi, Group Chief Operations Officer at SEHA,   and Chair of the 10th EOC Conference stated: “As the UAE’s largest healthcare network, it is SEHA’s duty to be at the frontier of shaping the future of cancer care. For a decade, this conference has witnessed the conglomeration of some of the most distinguished experts in the field of Oncology and has gained global repute as a leading forum to discuss the latest findings in cancer research and to improve patient outcomes, which is still one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. We are privileged to be organizing such a monumental event that will further cancer research within the UAE.”

Around 4,000 people from over 40 countries were in attendance over the three-day period, from which 65% of those reside in the UAE and 35% visited from USA, Europe, Middle East, and GCC. This attendance has set an all-time high for the conference and shows that there is a continual increased interest in search for the eradication of cancer.

EOC hosted around 150 speakers from USA, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, and many more including regional countries such as Jordan, KSA, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, and UAE and so much more.

Approximately 25 abstract papers were presented through oral and poster presentations and the best 14 of those were selected to be published in a conclusive medical journal as a result of EOC 2022, proving the effectiveness of the conference for revealing groundbreaking research.

Most notably, a new initiative was set forth during EOC to establish the consensus for management of locally advanced bladder cancer in the GCC region. This first meeting took place amongst an assembly of 25 expert uro-oncologists and has set the standard for years to come. Uro-oncologists are doctors who have specialized training in diagnosing and treating cancers of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. The assembly held a closed room meeting to set the consensus on the best treatment of patients according to the stage they have progressed. This consensus will also be published in medical journals and sets the accord for all GCC nations.

EOC also witnessed the revealing of genetic analysis and testing. This innovative process allows doctors the possibility to detect cancer within a patient before it happens based on pre-existing and historical conditions, as well as to tailor the treatment for cancer patients to attain the best results.

The final day of EOC provided a wide-range of informative sessions that included Paediatric Oncology, Genitourinary, Gastrointestinal, and Educational Sessions that involved Multidisciplinary Case-Based Discussions. Special sessions titled Meet the Experts were also held to give the public the opportunity to communicate directly with oncology experts in an open discussion format.

Dr. Khalid Balaraj, Chair of Oncology Services at Tawam Hospital and Dr. Jawaher Ansari, Chief of Medical Oncology at Tawam Hospital, who are both the leading parts of the Organizing and Scientific Committee at EOC, released a joint statement regarding the conclusion of the event: “We are tremendously pleased with the outcome of this year’s conference. EOC has truly set the highest standards when it comes to exchanging scientific research and information in the world of Oncology, and this goes to show why it has become the largest gathering of professionals in its field within the region. More than 4,000 people in attendance from all around the world and everyone has contributed in valuable way.”

They continued: “This is the first EOC we have held in-person post pandemic and we are all just finally thrilled that we are able to continue the legacy of EOC. Much planning and preparation has gone into this 10th edition to ensure we provide the best experience, and this makes us look forward to the possibilities of greater success in eliminating cancer.”  

EOC is now the leading oncology platform in the UAE for physicians, surgeons, researchers, healthcare providers and industry representatives to participate in and share ideas to build the future of cancer care in UAE.

Dr. Mohammad Asha, Consultant Physician, Neurosurgery Clinics at Tawam Hospital, stated: We are very proud of the organizing committee for providing such a great scientific platform. We were able to discuss the intricate surgeries we perform and how we can help patients by improving the quality and the extent of surgical intervention. We are honored to have all these international specialists gather here in Abu Dhabi in order to help and make a more promising future.”

Dr. Asha continued: “EOC has really overdone itself this year and we have had thousands of people attend to really present the most updated information and protocols in the field. The organization of the event was impeccable and really provided a great atmosphere for us to improve our services in the UAE.”

Doctors at EOC have stressed the importance of self-responsibility throughout the conference as it is known that around 40% of cancer cases could be prevented by tackling risk factors relating to diet, nutrition, and physical activity[1].

Dr. Taif Sarraj, Chief of Clinical Support Services at Tawam Hospital, held an insightful session that discussed the importance of coordinating with other various healthcare sectors to improve the oncology sector, stating: “The main reason we introduced our session is because we believe in multidisciplinary approach. Most researchers have highlighted the importance of all healthcare professionals to be a part of the oncology patient journey. The diverse background of these professionals ensures that many things such as correct medication, proper nutrition, and enhanced therapy treatment help to ensure the best possible recovery for patients.

Dr. Taif added: “We are very fortunate to have participated in this prestigious oncology conference and we would like to thank the scientific and organizing committee for such an incredible event.”

For details on EOC 2022, please visit: https://emiratesoncology.ae/


About SEHA:

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[1] https://www.wcrf.org/cancer-trends/global-cancer-data-by-country/#:~:text=Globally%2C%2018%2C094%2C716%20million%20cases%20of,women%20(178.1%20per%20100%2C000).