29 December, 2015

AsiaHawala Launches Mobile Money Services

This new service will allow Asiacell customers in Iraq to transact via Mobile Money.

29 December 2015
For the First Time in Iraq
Sulaymanya, Kurdistan, Iraq: - AsiaHawala is the first Mobile money service provider to launch in Iraq licensed by Central Bank of Iraq, will offer mobile money services through mobile and exclusively working with Asiacell.

This new service will allow Asiacell customers in Iraq to transact via Mobile Money .The service is offered on a mobile device, hence customers won't be forced to carry cash around everywhere from now on. All that they need is to register with AsiaHawala and open a wallet on their existing SIM cards. Then they can deposit cash into this wallet and use it for all their daily transactions in form of electronic money.

Customers will be able to pay for their purchases and bills and transfer money using the mobile money account. They can also cash out the e-money they have in their wallet any time they want by visiting the designated point of sales by AsiaHawala.

"Technology is helping us eliminate difficulties and changing the outdated methods of paying through unified digital and mobile financial services. We are delighted to offer a solution that further enhances this agenda," said Mr. Zring Faruk, AsiaHawala CEO.

"We also trust that our customers across the country will find it easy, fast and a more convenient means of making financial transaction, transferring funds internally and internationally in later stages," Mr. Zring Faruk added.

Alan Abdulla, Asia Hawala deputy CEO stated in the press conference held in the city of Sulaymanya that they  announce the historic achievement of mobile money at a time that coincides with the undesirable economic and security situations Iraq is passing through.

"We are determined to complete the entire job and defy all the challenges and hindrances impeding the progress of mobile money, finally we successfully did the job, added Abdulla.


About AsiaHawala
Established by Iraqi Kurdish telecom professional, Zring Faruk, AsiaHawala for Non-Banking Financial Services Ltd. is a diversified financial services company, focused on improving people's lives and positively contributing towards the economy through innovative and need driven financial products that are designed to inspire every walk of life. Established in 2014, AsiaHawala for Non-Banking Financial Services Ltd. is the forerunner in technology based financial solutions for everyone requiring access to financial transactions of any type. Ranging from e-Wallets, Bill Payments, Salary Disbursements, Money Transfers to Merchant Payments and a lot more, we offer a wide selection of services that suit your everyday needs. We invest significantly in advance technology and thorough research in order to provide the customers with the most up to date and current bouquet of services that could be provided for the offering.

For more information, please contact:
AsiaHawala Customer Service Center
Tel: 009647701180797
Email: info@asiahawala.com

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