Cairo:  GV, Development has participated in Cairo ICT 26th edition that takes place from 27 November to 30 November. GV conducted a session titled Let’s Talk Tarboul showcasing Egypt’s new giant industrial city of Tarboul. The session shed light on the latest updates of the construction process in the city and what the city will includes as part of its infrastructure, from the industrial, residential, business, education and commercial areas.

The session was attended by Dr. Magdy Ghazzi, CEO of Tarboul, as well as one of the lead consultants for the project, Mr. Ali Gaber the CCO of GV.

During the session, the panelists explained the importance of the project, and the benefits brought to Egypt. In addition, the session tackled how the services provided by the project will help in the creation of an ideal city that revolves around the latest tech and services that will help to make the city into a more robust and all-encompassing hub that includes all the services needed from both residents and industry and will use the latest technologies out there. Tarboul Industrial City uses the latest innovative technologies aiming at energy efficiency across the whole city. and develop a world-class digitally based transit hub complete with a road network that helps to push the city into the modern age of digital transformation.  

“ICT is a great platform to introduce the wider public to the features and concept of Tarboul Industrial City, it is a great place to show how much we have striven to incorporate the latest technology in the design and infrastructure of the city and that it is so much more than an industrial city.” Mr. Sherif Hammouda, Chairman of GV Group said.

“Tarboul Industrial City will include the latest in construction processes and the best available technology to be used in its construction, this session aims to raise awareness amongst the wider community, including the tech community, how we have been able to successfully integrate the latest in sustainable development measures to be in line with the vision of Egypt’s future.” He added further: “This project will enable Egypt to become a central global hub through the use of the latest tech in not just the construction phase, but also in the day-to-day running of the city.” said Dr. Magdy Ghazzi, CEO for the Industrial City of Tarboul.

Tarboul Industrial City is a national mega project that GV proudly is the master developer of it, one of the leading real-estate developers, as the first largest green, smart and livable industrial city in Egypt and one of the largest in the region. The project is aiming to enhance manufacturing and competence across local, regional, and international levels through advanced infrastructure with a competitive price as well as providing a dry port serving all industries at the highest level and supplying the different needs of industry while saving energy and preserving the environment by adhering to international standards.

Spanning over a 109-million-meter square. Tarboul Industrial City serves as a pivot, connecting Upper Egypt and the Golden Triangle project to Cairo's major economic hubs. This mega project is embracing a "mix" of industrial activities, integrated housing, commercial outlets, logistics facilities, modern services, office buildings, social services, and opening the employment horizon for many in the country. In addition, it will enhance industry given its proximity to several investment areas, including Food Technology Valley, Automobile Axis, Engineering Axis, the Textile and Clothing Centre, the Building Materials City, and Chemicals and Plastics City.


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