Doha, Qatar: The Qatar Calendar House has announced that the peak summer season, known as 'Mrbaanya,' will commence tomorrow, June 7, 2024, and will last for 39 days.

This period marks the actual start of summer, characterized by a significant rise in temperatures.

During 'Mrbaanya,' the sun reaches its highest elevation in the sky for the year, which not only signals the start of actual summer conditions but also includes the longest day of the year.

This season is also notable for the visibility of seasonal stars such as Al-Thurayya, Al-Dabaran, and Al-Haq’a.

Concurrently, the Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) has forecasted hot to very hot weather for this weekend, June 6 to 8.

Temperatures on Thursday are expected to reach a high of 42°C with a low of 32°C.

Friday will see a slight drop in temperatures with a high of 41°C and a low of 30°C. Saturday is expected to be the hottest day this weekend, with temperatures potentially soaring to 43°C, while the minimum temperature will hover around 30°C.

The Department also warned of poor horizontal visibility at first offshore

Residents and visitors are advised to prepare for the hotter temperatures and to take necessary precautions when spending time outdoors.

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