| 12 June, 2017

In partnership with Mowgli Mentoring and the Bahraini Business Women Society, Tamkeen graduates the 1st batch of its entrepreneurs mentoring program

Mowgli Mentoring program was the first initiative to be commissioned within the Tamkeen Consultancy Services.

12 June 2017

Tamkeen held the graduation ceremony for the first batch of its mentoring program for entrepreneurs, which was delivered in partnership with Mowgli Mentoring to support the growth and development of Bahraini entrepreneurs and their businesses.

The Mowgli Mentoring program was the first initiative to be commissioned within the Tamkeen Consultancy Services, which Tamkeen launched in 2016 with the aim of providing mentoring services for organizations and individuals, and is supervised by a top-notch of experts in several economic sectors. The Mowgli Mentoring program, which is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, was provided, in addition to the financial support and training services that Tamkeen provides within its other programs. 

Within this program, which was launched in April 2016, 15 Bahraini entrepreneurs were matched with 15 Bahraini-based Mowgli trained mentors and a one-year mentoring relationship between each pairing was supported. The program also included several mentoring relationship enhancement activities and regular monitoring and evaluation to assess the impact achieved on the personal, business and economic sides, which are the impact areas that Mowgli Mentoring seeks to achieve.


On the occasion of the Graduation Ceremony, Tamkeen’s CEO Dr Ibrahim Mohammad Janahi said “We are happy to graduate the first batch of entrepreneurs through the Mowgli Mentoring Program. We are very happy with the success levels of the mentoring relationships in this first trial of the program. This happened as a result of the mentors experience, knowledge and motivation to inspire entrepreneurs to grow and achieve the goals of their organizations and as a result of the commitment of the entrepreneurs to develop their capabilities and have the motivation for smart thinking, analyzing and creativity. This mentoring program supports the sustainable development of entrepreneurs and Tamkeen continuously works on supporting Bahrainis at the different growth phases to achieve their goals and business ambitions”.

On the other side, Mowgli Mentoring CEO Kathleen Bury said: “Mentoring is an essential component of human capital development.  It provides a supportive framework within which entrepreneurs can set and achieve their goals, thereby unlocking their potential and allowing them to seize new opportunities. The early feedback from the program showcases that the entrepreneurs and mentors have been successful in achieving this and for this we sincerely congratulate them.  It has been a pleasure working with Tamkeen, who continue to be visionary in their adoption of best practices in order to develop an entrepreneur-serving ecosystem in Bahrain. Their drive to embed accredited mentoring as part of the program, is a great example of this and we look forward to building upon this success to further drive entrepreneurial and economic growth in Bahrain with them”.

Mowgli Mentoring is a not-for-profit organisation driving inclusive economic and social change in the Middle East and Africa by empowering entrepreneurs, women and youth through their unique, award-winning mentoring methodology.

Tamkeen partners with several other partners in implementing its consultancy services like the Bahraini Business Women Society, Manama Circle and the Entrepreneurs Organisation Bahrain Chapter.


About Mowgli Mentoring: 
Mowgli Mentoring is a not-for-profit organisation driving inclusive economic and social change in the Middle East and Africa. Mowgli Mentoring’s unique, award-winning methodology provides a supportive framework which empowers entrepreneurs, women and youth to unlock their potential and seize new opportunities. 

Over the past decade Mowgli Mentoring has worked with philanthropists, and local and international governmental and private sector partners to provide mentoring across 15 countries in the Middle East and Africa.  The organization has trained more than a thousand mentors who have supported entrepreneurs from all sectors. They create and safeguard jobs, producing a significant economic and social return on investment. Mowgli Mentoring is now also expanding its operations across Africa, with an increased focus on women and youth as key additional beneficiaries of our programmes.

Mowgli Mentoring’s methodology supports long-term professional and personal development. Mowgli Mentoring’s volunteer mentors are trained to listen, guide and inspire. Mentors themselves testify as to how the mentoring process also helps their own development. Mowgli systematically match mentors with mentees, and provide structured support as they co-develop long-term, trust-based relationships. Mowgli’s approach is a practical and sustainable way of developing human capital to the benefit of the whole community.

As a recognised leader in the field of mentoring, Mowgli Mentoring was awarded the European Quality Award by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council in 2016.  In the region we received the Ta’atheer Employment Generation Award in 2016 and the Mohammed bin Rashid Best Mentor Network in the Region in 2012.

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