Liberty Automobiles is the number one Cadillac V-Series market in the Middle East

Rimoun Hanouch, Group General Manager of Liberty Automobiles, commented:

Liberty Automobiles is the number one Cadillac V-Series market in the Middle East
Liberty Automobiles announces 13.5% H1 sales growth for the V-Series

UAE accounts for 75% of Middle East V-Series market

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - Liberty Automobiles – the exclusive dealership for Cadillac in the UAE – has announced that Cadillac’s V-series sales have grown by an impressive 13.5% in the region in H1 of 2017, with an exceptional 75% of Middle East V-series sales now coming from the UAE.

Rimoun Hanouch, Group General Manager of Liberty Automobiles, commented: “Cadillac’s V-series is where the racetrack meets the road, and we are delighted to see these vehicles living up to their high-performance reputation by achieving such excellent sales growth in the UAE. Alongside a thrilling and dynamic drive, the V-series also features driver-centric interiors, attention-grabbing exteriors and innovative technologies, delivering power, comfort and style in equal measure. These vehicles are the full package, which is why we are not surprised to see them going from strength to strength.”

Almost every exterior panel on the Cadillac CTS-V and ATS-V is unique, from the fascias and front fenders, to the hood, rear spoiler and rocker moldings. Each one was designed to support the car’s capability, contributing to lift reduction, enhanced cooling, and improved aero management. The various elements give the sporty line-up an athletic stance, wide body and low height.

The 2017 V-Series provides a more confident feel through the greater aerodynamic performance created by the carbon fiber packages, hood vent and rear diffuser. The Brembo brake system was also developed to give the driver durability, consistency, and the capability to experience a track-day feel straight from the factory.

The V-Series dual-purpose capabilities carry over to their interiors, where the design and relationship of key components are focused on performance-driving ergonomics. Handcrafted cut-and-sew elements, decorative stitching and authentic materials all make up the luxury interiors. In addition, both vehicles feature technology upgrades for a boosted and more connected ride. The V-Series comprehensive collection of technologies includes Apple CarPlay advanced smartphone integration, so the driver can stay connected whilst on the move.

All models also come with a Bose Surround Sound system with 10 speakers on the ATS-V and 13 on the CTS-V, providing the ultimate listening experience. Each vehicle boasts upgrades in safety and parking assist technology, helping drivers spend more time with their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Under the bonnet, the V-Series are powerhouses boasting some of the most powerful engines in the industry. The ATS-V is powered by the Cadillac Twin Turbo V-6 rated at an SAE-certified 464 horsepower (346 kW) and 445 lb-ft of torque (603 Nm). The combination of engine output and lightweight yet strong structure enables 0-100 performance in 3.8 seconds and a segment-best top speed of 304 kmh.

The Cadillac CTS-V is powered by a supercharged 6.2L V-8 engine SAE certified at 640 horsepower (477 kW) and 630 lb-ft of torque (855 Nm). The super sedan still comes with more horsepower and torque than the new Mercedes-Benz E 63 S AMG 4.0L biturbo V-8 and the BMW M-series 4.4L TwinPower (twin-turbo) V-8. The new CTS-V is capable of 0-100 performance in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 320kmh.


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