21 January 2016
Tasneef succeeds in spotting light on the added value that the UAE has through its sophisticated marine infrastructure and its outstanding geographical location, within the national UAE's strategy to be the best destination for marine companies and businessmen to face the great challenges faced by shipping, oil and gas sectors.

Abu Dhabi - 20 January -2016: Under the patronage of H.E Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammad Belhaif Al Nuaimi, UAE Minister of Public Works and the Chairman of the Federal Authority for Land and Maritime Transport, The Abu Dhabi Summit of Global Marine and Maritime Leaders has successfully concluded yesterday Wednesday, January 20, 2016. The summit was held at the St. Regis Hotel Saadiyat in Abu Dhbai. It was organized by Emirates Classification Society "Tasneef" in partnership with the Mare Forum International Committee.

The summit was held with a great interest and involvement from the international and regional maritime shipping sectors, during which speakers provided valuable information on the various factors affecting the clusters, the conclusions of intellectual ideas and will explore the prospects of future developments.

Maritime Leaders discussed the major challenges faced by shipping, oil and gas sectors. They evaluated several ideas on the new options available to both governments and companies working in this field, in order to improve the business environment in both sectors and how to promote and enhance investment and profitability chances.

The summit has attracted great attention from the highest levels of decision-sea-makers in the UAE, where it was held with a strategic partnership from the UAE Navy, and with the sponsorship of the major national and international companies in this field, such as The National Marine Dredging Company as Diamond Sponsor, ADMA-OPCO and the National Drilling Company as Platinum Sponsors.

In this context, H.E Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammad Belhaif Al Nuaimi, UAE Minister of Public Works and the Chairman of the Federal Authority for Land and Maritime Transport said: "We are proud of the success of this summit held for the first time in Abu Dhabi, and which comes with long preparations for the UAE to be an international leader in the maritime field. The success of this summit coincides with our efforts in the government to build a sustainable economy that is not dependent on the oil and gas and their price fluctuations for the development and prosperity of the country."

 Al Nuaimi added: "We have heard during the summit for the world of maritime, and spotted the aspirations and needs in order to overcome the great challenges facing companies and businessmen. We promise this sector to develop our legal and procedural system, and to build more marine facilities, so that our ports can be the first global destination for ships docking and for the stability of shipping companies, having the UAE flag to be among the most favorite flags in the world."

The UAE a key player in the maritime scene

Eng. Rashed AlHebsi, CEO of Tasneef emphasized the importance of the summit by saying: "We are delighted to host this summit for the first time in Abu Dhabi in partnership with the Mare Forum International Committee. We now believe that we have dedicated the position of the UAE and its capabilities as a key player in the international maritime scene. We have also given the opportunity to the national maritime leaders to engage in a dialogue with their counterparts of maritime international leaders, and this opportunity itself represents a starting point for a long-term partnership, where we enjoy the unlimited support by the UAE decision-maker to make the investment climate in the maritime sector the best in the region and in the world."

AlHebsi added: "The amount of enthusiasm that we witnessed from both the national and international companies to sponsor this summit as well as the quality of the attendance of the national and international maritime leaders surprised us, and we consider that the conclusions and the ideas that resulted from the summit were exceptional and really new and they will have a significant impact on the development of the national maritime strategy as well as the influence on the international trends in the maritime industry."

Eng. Yasser Zaghloul, CEO of the National Marine Dredging Company, the Diamond Sponsor of the Summit pointed out: "Our decision to participate in the summit as a sponsor came because we believe in the UAE value and importance within the international maritime level, and the unprecedented capability of the UAE to lead in many areas. We have seen this clearly when our company led the Challenge Consortium during the digging of the Suez Canal project."

Zaghloul clarified: "Our investment of sponsoring the summit was a great opportunity for us. It has put us as UAE specialized company in the heart of the interest of the international maritime sector, and allowed us to build important relationships with decision-makers, and this guarantees us to continue our success and have expansion in our projects."

On the other hand, Mr. Ali R. Al-Jarwan, CEO of ADMA-OPCO, a platinum sponsor of the summit said: "The maritime activities within Abu Dhabi lie at the heart of the projects carried out by ADMA-OPCO, including mega production projects, maintenance operations, and drilling. These projects are characterized with commitment to safety standards as we have been engaged with performing accurate maritime studies for years to keep the workforce and the assets of the company safe from any injury or damage. ADMA-OPCO is considered an active member of many emergency and evacuation operations when necessary, therefore we are pleased to participate in this summit which occasions a great opportunity for  fruitful exchange of expertise and lessons learned in this vital industry to the world economy.

Useful Discussions

Mr. Abdullah Saeed Al Suwaidi, CEO of the National Drilling Company, a platinum sponsor of the summit said: " We believe that the most important and successful aspect of this summit is to enhance the confidence within the national maritime sector and to prove that it is capable of becoming among the world's leading sectors. In the field of drilling and oil exploration, we are proud that we have the potential and our offshore rigs are among the best in the world, in addition to the other support services we provide. This summit has been an opportunity to review our capabilities in front of the international maritime leaders who participated in the summit, where we are keen to work and coordinate with all parties engaged in our activities to achieve the common goals for all those who are part of this industry. The National Drilling Company is keen on playing a strong and effective role in supporting the national economy and contributing to the role that ADNOC plays for more and better development in the oil and gas industry in our country, the UAE, as well as at the regional and global level."

The Abu Dhabi Summit of Global Marine and Maritime Leaders is the third edition to be held in the UAE after being held twice in Dubai. Moving to the capital this year is an indication of the level of attention given by the leadership of the UAE to develop alternative and sustainable economic resources for the country especially in the maritime sector.

Commenting on the success of the summit, Mr. Jannis Kostoulas, President of Mare Forum explained "We hold these summits for years in many countries, but I can say with confidence that this summit was exceptional in every sense of the word, the level of support and the attention that we felt from the emirate of Abu Dhabi maritime leaders and companies was great, and we consider that the UAE represents for us a permanent station that will continue to add a significant value to the discussions and ideas that are exchanged between the participants, for the future of the maritime industry and marine services industry, which is considered the backbone of international trade. "

Underlining the strategic importance of the value of the summit, H.E Khamis Juma Buamim, Senior Advisor for Mare Forum International Committee said: "This summit helped us in the UAE to be monitored by major maritime Centers for Strategic Research and the reservoirs of ideas that are involved in this summit which monitor all discussions and the new directions. The Abu Dhabi summit succeeded to devote the message "Made in the UAE" in the world of maritime, as we are proud that we are in the state of exporting our products and services to the United States, Germany and other developed countries, which trust the marine products of the UAE at the same level of the trust given to the products of the major industrialized countries, and we will continue our efforts in order to build confidence in the entire world where the UAE flag will be always the first choice for shipping companies. "

About Tasneef
Tasneef was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The main activity is the classification of ships, maritime consulting and project management. Tasneef is already a member of the Dubai Council for Marine & Maritime Industries, which is an umbrella body promoting the interests of the industry. Tasneef is the first national authority aiming to raise the efficiency and specifications of ships, compliance with international standards and their application on both national and international companies thus; opening up new horizons for national engineers to work in the maritime sector.

About Mare Forum
The Mare Forum conferences are considered by many to be among the most global and influential forums for the maritime and shipping industry. Currently events are held in the Asia, South East Asia, Europe, North and South America. MARE FORUM's goal as a professional conference organization is to bring together policy makers and chief executives of industry in a decisive dialogue and debate, where business strategy and policy-making for today and tomorrow's issues can be realized with optimal results.

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