QETC Educational Fair 2022 was organized by QETC Middle East office on the 25th and  26th of July 2022 in Triumph Plaza hotel in Cairo. More than 3,000 students came from different educational backgrounds (IGCSE, American Diploma, High School degree.) attended the event, got acquainted with the importance of Malaysian and other international universities, and got an insight on how to enroll and obtain discounts.

Mr. Zyad Essam, head of QETC Middle East, said “Today we have successfully launched our 8th edition of our Educational Fair with more than 15 Exhibitors, representing local and international universities, and by the coming period we aim to partner with about 3,000 schools in Egypt, that interested to study abroad.

QETC Educational Fair 8th edition comprises successful partnerships with universities such as The UK University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus), Taylors University No.1 Private University on Malaysia, Asia Pacific University, and local Egyptian leading universities like AASTMT University, Heliopolis University, Nile University, Zewiel University, and others.”

Zyad added that the most interesting field that are attracting Egyptian students are Engineering, medicine, and Business field.

Regarding Malaysian universities, “Despite Malaysian institution’s high rankings and excelling level of study, university fees are inexpensive and less than their international counterparts, in addition to the low cost of living,” he added.

“The company provides free services to all students wishing to study in Malaysia, not only by guiding them throughout the admission process in appropriate universities that best fit them but also by helping them to get scholarships, also to apply for their visas, and welcome them in the airport once they arrive to Malaysia.”

This is in addition to providing discounts for students on some airlines and facilitating their visa possession, he said, adding to that, the students are introduced virtually to the dorms/accommodation by the VR technology to become very aware of the place of residence before traveling.

Mr. Zyad added, “this company has aided more than 1,000 students since 2016 to study in Malaysia, indicating that these students are from more than 500 schools.”

For his part, Mohammed Ashraf, Project manager in QETC Middle East, said that the new strategy we are working out through made our students more interested in our event. for example, we have added an entertainment and fun zone which is very attractive for the students.  

In QETC educational fair coming editions, we are targeting to raise the quality of our services, we also plan to raise the exhibitors to reach 100 local and international universities.

We are aiming to add AUC and GUC to our exhibitors besides British University, Canadian International College ,Hertford shire

Knowledge hub, French University of Egypt ,Eslsca university, 15 may University ,Cairo university

Ain shams university, University of Informatics (EUI) , Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology and Misr University for Science and Technology (Must ).

“Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), is honored to participate in this educational fair in Egypt as it is amongst Malaysia’s Premier Private Universities, and is where a unique fusion of technology, innovation, and creativity works effectively towards transforming students into highly competent, employable and future-proof professionals. APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning University through its achievements in winning a host of over 400 prestigious awards at local and international levels.”

Loong Say Siang, The assistant manager of student services at APU said: Added that Mobile technology, the internet of things, digital transformation, and data analysis are the most attractive sectors to Egyptian students.

From His part, Imran Ali, assistant manager of international student recruitment, marketing, and communication at Taylor’s University, said that “We are ranked the top private university in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, placing us among the world’s top universities. This follows our achievement of being one of the few Asian universities rated 5 Stars for Online Learning, acknowledging the world-class education we provide for our students. Taylor’s is an integrated complex that includes all needed facilities for Egyptian and other students to complete their education trip perfectly.”

QETC’s had organized Study in Malaysia fairs from 2016 till 2022, its role was not limited to just coordinating and guiding the students from their starting point, their services extend to after the students land in Malaysia and during their entire course of study. The process of counseling, admission, visa application, and accommodation placement takes place during the initial part of the journey. Upon arrival to Malaysia, they are greeted by a QETC representative who accompanies them through the immigration office and helps them settle in their accommodation, afterward there is always direct communication with the students and their parents throughout their studying period and they’re given full support to overcome any hurdles they may face.