Sharjah: Experts from the UAE emphasised on building more initiatives to attract investments, promote opportunities, and strengthen the country’s position as a top investment destination in the region and the world while preserving the environment for the next generations.

During an exciting panel session titled ‘Sharjah Investment Ecosystem’ on the opening day of the sixth Sharjah Investment Forum (SIF) 2023, panellists highlighted the emirate’s continued role as a hub of innovation and investment along with addressing challenges faced by investor communities.

Ahmed Bin Saed, Deputy Director of Commercial Affairs Department, Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD), Mariam Bin Al Shaikh, Director of Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC), Ahmed Al Khoshaibi, Group CEO of Arada, Ahmed Mohamed Abu Eideh, CEO of Invest Bank and Yousif Khalil, Managing Director of MBR Gulf, attended at the panel discussion, moderated by Auhood Bin Jber Al Kholani, journalist and radio presenter on Al Khaleejiya 100.9 radio station.

Ahmed Bin Saed highlighted the positive impacts of embracing 100% digital, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, adding that more than 10 government organisations benefited from SEDD services during the time and after.

Keen to establish more space for women to get connected to business ventures, Mariam Bin Al Shaikh spoke about the role of the SBWC in supporting female entrepreneurs and businesswomen through a holistic sustainable approach since their inception in 2002, and their recent focus on supporting businesses that champion the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy.

Ahmed Mohamed Abu Eideh stressed on the relationship between investment and financing, highlighting the good reputation of Sharjah banks and their success in financing innovative projects have contributed to the emirate's leadership in a number of key investment sectors, such as education and industry.

Ahmed Al Khoshaibi, spoke about Arada's contribution to making Sharjah a family-friendly city, and the 20-minutes city concept that provides a special infrastructure that creates a place where people’s daily needs are all within their reach.

Yousif Khalil discussed the challenges facing the investors in the current market including the need for logistics and the limited access to storage facilities. He added that the challenges can be addressed by maintaining a strong network of connections with countries around the world along with training and creating new opportunities to further strengthen businesses.

More panel discussions are due to follow on day two of SIF 2023 touching deeper subjects like the role of regional efforts in helping scale-up companies, the future of family business and its impact in the region, the entrepreneurial processes in uncertain times, the future of fintech, as well as boosting investment opportunities between Sharjah and other regions.