• 17 KM2
  • $20 Billion USD
  • Eastern region of South Africa
  • 150,000 residents
  • 40,000 residential units

Dubai-based URB have unveiled plans to develop Africa’s largest sustainable city known as THE PARKS. The city will provide the world’s highest standard for sustainable living for 150,000 residents. The city will also produce 100% of its energy, water & food on site to become a self-sufficient destination.

THE PARKS is a 1,700 hectare smart city, planned for the eastern region of South Africa promoting a net zero lifestyle. The development provides various mixed use hubs such as residential, medical, tourism, entertainment, retail & education. 40,000 residential units are distributed in 12 residential districts.

The economy of the city will be automated & digital with majority of jobs in green tech. More than 40,000 jobs will be created in the short and long term during the planning, construction & operation of the city. The city will thus become a benchmark of economically viable sustainable living and a positive contribution to the green economic growth of the country.

CEO of URB, Baharash Bagherian, who has masterminded designs of various sustainable cities including recently launched projects such as Xzero, AlNama, Nexgen and many more yet to be revealed, highlights the importance of THE PARKS as a new benchmark in sustainable cities:

“THE PARKS is innovatively planned with the highest standards of sustainability to create a car-free community & a unique zero carbon destination. THE PARKS is designed from its landscape to provide the happiest & healthiest ecosystem. The landscape is designed to promote social sustainability and an active lifestyle, which permeates throughout the public realm of the city. Some of these features include outdoor fitness stations, community farming plots, outdoor sports courts, dedicated jogging and cycling tracks, waste to art public realm, outdoor concerts and much more.”

Baharash Bagherian added “Green spaces are the heart and arteries of the entire development. At the center of the development there is a unique 5km long multifunctional green spine, which has various branches of vibrant community parks that link all the buildings together. This resilient landscape will connect residents to all hubs within the development in minutes by walking, cycling or electric buggies. With over 32kms of dedicated running, cycling and equestrian tracks, THE PARKS will also provide the greenest & safest modes of active transport.”

The housing typologies within each district will cater for all income levels, with no segregation. This will enable a truly inclusive & diverse workforce to flourish & increase community cohesion.

Additional sustainability initiatives include the use of intelligent solutions and a smart grid system to transform THE PARKS into the smartest city on earth. Local urban food production will provide 100% of resident caloric intake whilst also reducing food miles associated with carbon emissions from transport.

About URB
URB are a global leader in developing sustainable cities with a sense of purpose to accelerate the world’s transition towards net zero developments. The company is headquartered in Dubai Design District with several mega-scale sustainable cities currently in planning stages. For more information, please visit URB website at urb.ae