Abu Dhabi, April 25, 2024: The Family Development Foundation (FDF) launched the fourth edition of Social Responsibility Ambassadors service as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance family well-being through various services and events. The program is primarily designed to improve the cognitive, emotional and social skills of individuals within the community.

Amal Azzam, Social expert at the FDF, said: “The FDF has been committed to promote social intelligence and its real-world applications. In pursuit of enhancing happiness, positivity and general well-being of Abu Dhabi residents, the fourth edition of the Social Responsibility Ambassadors service expands upon past sessions to establish deeper familial and societal connections. Additionally, it aims to reinforce national strategic principles and community initiatives, which have proven to yield tangible benefits for participants of earlier editions.”

She further emphasised that the Social Responsibility Ambassadors service plays a vital role in promoting the principles outlined in the national strategy for enhancing quality of life. These principles include a range of pillars and initiatives aimed at bolstering social cohesion and nurturing positive relationships within both society and families. Moreover, they aim to enhance the digital quality of life and encourage growth of sustainable and constructive digital communities.

Fatima Al Neyadi, responsible for the Social Responsibility Ambassadors service, said: “FDF focuses on promoting concepts and skills that enhance the overall quality of life for individuals within families and society at large through the Better Family Life service. Our objective is to cultivate happiness, well-being and empower members to assess their potential in attaining a balanced, positive and emotionally fulfilling lifestyle. Additionally, we aim to instil values of generosity, cooperation, tolerance and social intelligence among community members. We further strive to provide interactive methods that encourage families and communities to engage in social settings that combine pleasure with an enhanced quality of life.”

She highlighted that the program equips candidates to serve as volunteer ambassadors that advocate advancement of quality of life. Participants undergo 40 hours of comprehensive training, including practical exercises, where they engage in social simulations, leveraging proven social intervention methods known to effectively shape knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. These interventions are customised to align with participants’ developmental stages, thereby enhancing their understanding and skills related to quality of life. Furthermore, the service seeks to raise awareness among participants on social issues that directly affect their lives.

She further stated: “To qualify as a member of the Social Responsibility Ambassador service, candidates need to complete training and qualification phases by applying essential life skills and assessing their own progress. These include participating in eight training sessions, eight practical application sessions and undergoing performance assessment through social simulation exercises and practical applications.”

She emphasised that the registration procedure for joining the Social Responsibility Ambassadors program is conducted through the TAMM government services platform, in line with the service’s terms and conditions.


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