Al Ain: The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is actively establishing strategic partnerships in education and research with major international higher education institutions to increase the research productivity and enhance its quality at the university level. This is consistent with the University vision to become a research-intensive university that is contributing to sustainability in all field, and providing creative and innovative scientific solutions which would be positively reflected on the development and prosperity of the country.

Dr Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Research at UAEU, reported that through its colleges and research and centers, the UAEU has an extensive network of international partners serving the University strategy and the national aspirations for the next 50 years, aiming at achieving leadership in research and improving the university ranking and the global standing of UAE. He added, “These partnerships emphasis the use of best and advanced technological and innovative tools to resolve the common global challenges”.

Dr Murad explained that UAEU has placed a priority for the establishment of strategic partnerships with French educational and research institutes in key areas of high priority.  This would support the University’s research strategy and consolidate its position through the publication of research articles in SCOPUS Journals.

Dr Murad reported that between 2018 and 2022, the UAEU’s faculty and researchers published 231 papers in collaboration with researchers from 143 French universities and research institutes. Currently, researchers from the College of Science College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the Zayed bin Sultan Center for Health Sciences are conducting five internally and six externally funded research projects in the fields of health, genome, big data, and information security in collaboration with faculty members from French Universities. In addition, there are six research and educational agreements between UAE University and education and research institutes in France. Also, the National Space and Technology Center is conducting specialized research with the French Space Agency.