KOOOT.com re-launches its e-commerce platform with enriched experience

In addition to Cash on Delivery, Visa and MasterCard, KNET payment is now available to customers in Kuwait.


  •         More shopping variety and enhanced shopping experience promised
  •         Re-launch includes compliance with Dubai Economy’s “Digital Protection Initiative”

  •         In addition to Cash on Delivery, Visa and MasterCard, KNET payment is now available to customers in Kuwait
  •         Shipping destinations include the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman
  • Less than 2 years after launch, KOOOT.com has re-launched with a new look and an enhanced shopping experience.

    The move comes after what Luma Bourisly, CEO of KOOOT.com, calls “deep listening to our customers’ feedback and needs paired with thorough evaluation of the platform”.

    “In an era of innovation and disruption,” Bourisly comments, “it is essential that we get back to basics by really listening to our target audience and reacting fast. What they want is, at the core, an experience in which they can find what they’re looking for and discover new cost- effective products that fit their lifestyle and culture in a smooth, seamless manner. Innovation needs to be built around fulfilling that”.

    The new KOOOT.com brings customers a seamless shopping experience that combines products from global brands and products made by women entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Products from the “Women’s Souq” come from all over the Arab world and are clearly labeled as “Women’s Souq” products.

    “We take pride in being supporters of local talent. We believe that the Middle Eastern community is able to support locally made brands. Not only are we nurturing local talent, but this model also helps – no matter how small – turn this part of the world from a consuming to a producing market. Every little effort can have great economic impact if the community makes the right choice”, Bourisly added

    As global e-commerce edges into the Middle East, local players can maintain their customers by catering to their specific needs. Seamless experience is one key need.

    In addition to a faster and easier shopping experience and new product lines, customers are also promised a surprise with every purchase.

    “In an e-commerce ecosystem that values volume most, we take steps to make sure the customer doesn’t feel like another number. We want to draw a smile on our customer’s face when she unwraps her order and finds a pleasant surprise from the KOOOT team. These little details are cherished by the customer, perhaps even more than the product itself”, Bourisly explained.

    KOOOT has also joined hands with Tap, the current leading online payment service provider in Kuwait and amongst the first in the region. Founded in 2014 by a team of entrepreneurs with over 20 years of collective banking and payments experience, Tap was established to revolutionize the way businesses managed their finances, providing easy, fast and smooth online solutions with an innovative approach and user experience in electronic payments.

    Ahmed Al Munayes, Co-Founder & CGO of Tap, said, “Today, we manage over 5,000 businesses, ranging from SMEs to big corporations, allowing our businesses to accept major debit and credit cards adopted globally including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, while serving localized debit networks regionally such as KNET, Sadad Account, Mada, Benefit, Fawry and others”.

    “Being focused on the Middle East region, we support all GCC currencies along with the Egyptian Pound and other major international currencies”.

    Tap has boosted businesses internally by simplifying the process of adopting online payments that are aligned with the region’s payment behavior, and has incentivized businesses globally by providing additional payment options that cater to the region.

    “We also use the most powerful encrypted and multi-level security layers compliant with global payment security standards to ensure their customers are fully protected online. The company prides itself in constantly evolving its products to exceed industry standards and in delivering impeccable customer service with the aim of helping businesses grow locally, regionally and globally”, added Al Munayes.

    Furthermore, KOOOT is now certified by Dubai Economy under its Digital Protection Initiative. This certification, displayed on the KOOOT.com website, assures customers that their full customer rights are maintained in accordance with Dubai consumer protection laws. This includes proper procedure in dealing with customer inquiries, complaints, and comments.

    Dubai Economy’s Digital Protection Initiative was launched in June 2017 by the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector at Dubai Economy in partnership with Souq.com. The initiative aims at ensuring that online businesses comply with global best practices in customer rights. This also bolsters customer trust in e-commerce.

    KOOOT.com delivers to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

    About KOOOT:
    KOOOT.com is an online shopping platform for modern Middle Eastern women. Since its launch in June 2016, KOOOT.com has aimed to make women’s lives easier in two ways. First, through partnership with global brands, we bring new and exclusive products to women in the region. Second, we provide talented women in the Middle East with a cost-free platform through which to sell their products. Our sellers hail from all over the Middle East, from the UAE and Oman to Jordan and Morocco. They design and sell a wide range of clothing, household goods, and accessories that reflect Middle Eastern women’s modern and traditional tastes. KOOOT.com currently delivers to the UAE, its home market, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. 

    is a platform by and for women. We take pride in our diverse team that represents every age group of women in the region. For this reason, we understand and can best serve the needs of Middle Eastern women. Find out more at kooot.com.

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