Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) has invited local and international developers to participate in a prequalification programme for 12 water and sewage projects to be developed under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

According to SWPC, the programme will enable the developers to obtain pre-qualification approval and receive Request for Proposal (RFP) documents for these projects without the need to submit a separate qualification application for each project.

A statement issued by the off-taker said the programme will facilitate and expedite the developer pre-qualification process, give the private sector companies sufficient time to form consortia, and enhance competitiveness of the bids.

The deadline to receive the SOQs (Statement of Qualification) is Thursday, 4 July 2024.

SWPC is offering 5 Independent Water Projects (IWP) with a total capacity of 2.1 million cubic metres per day (m3/day) and 7 Independent Sewage Treatment Plant (ISTP) projects with a total capacity of 750,000 m3/day during the 2024 to 2026 period.

In 2024, SWPC intends to offer 3 projects: 

  1. Riyadh East ISTP 200,000m3/day
  2. Hadda ISTP 100,000 m3/day
  3. Arana ISTP 250,000 m3/day

In 2025, the 7 projects listed below will be offered:

  1. Ras Al Khair 2 IWP (600,000m3/day)
  2. Ras Al Khair 3 IWP (400,000m3/day)
  3. Shuqaiq 4 IWP (400,000 m3/day)
  4. AbuArish ISTP 50,000 m3/day
  5. South Najran ISTP 50,000 m3/day
  6. Hafar Al-Batin ISTP 50,000 m3/day
  7. Al Kharj ISTP 50,000 m3/day

In 2026, SWPC intends to offer:

  1. Tabuk 1 IWP 400,000m3/day
  2. Jazan 1 IWP 300,000 m3/day

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