Dubai, UAE – The International Chamber of Commerce - United Arab Emirates “ICC UAE” recently held a thought leadership roundtable dialogue to foster pro-business discussion with 10 country-focusedbusiness councils at the headquarters of Dubai Chambers.

The event was led by Ms. Nadia Abdul Aziz, Board Member and Chair of the Steering Committee of the ICC UAE Customs and Trade Facilitation Commission.

The primary objectives of the event were to raise awareness of the activities and benefits available through working in cooperation with the UAE Chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Addressing participants, Ms. Nadia Abdul Aziz Chair encouraged representatives of business councils to benefit from the ICC’s global network spannisn more than 100 countries and 45 million members. She outlined the practical benefits of working with the ICC, which operates globally with the mission of making business work for everyone, every day, everywhere.

Further focused presentations were delivered to the assembled group by Dr. Hassan Arab Chair of the ICC UAE Arbitration Commission and Ahmad Lootah Chair of the ICC UAE Commission on Banking.    

Samir Shahid and Ms Vinitha Bhatia, both Vice Chairs of ICC UAE Customs and trade Commission elaborated on the how ICC UAE can provide practical training and guidance to members, which will empower them to expand their international operations through efficiency gains in terms of logistics and international supply chain operations.

The participants representing 10 business councils expressed their appreciation of the event and the wide range of services available from the ICC which were elaborated on collectively by the experts at the gathering. 

Participants and the presenters expressed clear intentions for further cooperation and collaboration.  The expectation is to expedite further follow up meetings to establish business facilitating objectives with specific value-added outcomes.

For his part, Hassan Al Hashemi, Secretary General of ICC-UAE and Vice President of International Relations at Dubai Chamber of Commerce, described the meeting as an ideal opportunity for members of business councils to learn about the key benefits and services, as well as important developments within the global trade landscape. He added that the meeting established a solid foundation upon which ICC-UAE can build its relationship with various business councils in Dubai, which comprise business leaders from around the world who operate in a wide variety of economic sectors.

He highlighted the crucial role that the ICC-UAE plays in promoting and facilitating international trade and added that Dubai Chambers works closely with the UAE Chapter to support the interests of businesses and remove trade barriers

In closing, Ms. Nadia Abdul Aziz Chair thanked Dubai Chambers for hosting the round-table saying “This is another instance where Dubai Chambers has stepped in to support and foster closer international business relations which underpin Dubai as the leading global trade business hub”. 


For more information, please contact:
Ruba Abdel Halim
Manager, PR & Corporate Communications