Cairo: She Strikes, an online ongoing platform, launches its 1st Cycle “The Leaders”; Holding its first session on May 24th, this cycle will feature the exceptional iconic striker, H.E. Dr. Maya Morsy, President of the National Council for Women. She Strikes aims to bring Egypts Leading Women closer to the young, aspiring minds who wish to learn from them and hope to one day succeed and strike like them.

Correspondingly, platform strives to connect, motivate and guide new generations, which creates a pathway of inspiration between generations and experts from various fields. She Strikes targets different young, aspiring, newly grads age groups from 18 years and above, from high school and university students to employees and CEOs with different professions and careers across Egypt.

Launching monthly sessions - with new leader striker to inspire and empower others, each session is an hour-long - and hosts a female striker to share her inspiring success story and achievements. Those who are eager to attend can easily submit the registration form on the website and wait for a confirmation email with the invitation link. To maximize the benefit, by the end of the live session a competition will be running where 4 lucky winners will get the opportunity of having a one-on-one meeting with the striker of the session after answering several questions sent to them via e-mail.

Ending each cycle with a mega event to bring together all the strikers of the cycle, the OneonOne winners and everyone who was a part of this platform.

 As a Networking platform, the Creative Industry Summit (C—S) aims to go beyond the norm by utilizing an all-year-round action-packed list, on top of which "She Strikes", to guarantee that the next generation is inspired, driven, and energetic.

“Our main purpose is to bring Egypt's top women closer to the young, as well as ambitious minds who want to learn from those essential leaders, to take a step and strike like them. This is a vital aspect of the C—S platform, which seeks to help everyone reach their next level of success while also contributing to the acceleration of the creative economy. Today, I'm delighted to say that Egypt's lifeblood of creative economy is guiding tomorrow's leaders and strikers through our online space (She strikes)”. Mai Salama, Co-founder of “C—S”, stated.

“I would want to express my gratitude to H.E. Dr. Maya Morsy, who is one of Egypt's 50 most powerful women having a diverse range of expertise. I also thank all speakers for devoting an hour of their precious time to share their inspiring success stories and to reply to the audience’s questions and inquiries. Furthermore, the participants will receive an additional benefit in the form of a competition in which four winners will be chosen to have a one-on-one talk with one of our She Strikes Leaders for 30 minutes.” Salama added.