• Smart self-sufficient city providing food, energy, and water security.
  • Climate positive city producing more renewable energy & food than it consumes.
  • Solar powered atmospheric water generators produce clean drinking water from air.
  • 100% walkable city with 11.5km dedicated running, cycling & equestrian tracks.
  • Eco resorts, nature reserve & leisure facilities to promote ecotourism.
  • Medical hub with facilities such as autism village, wellness center & clinics for medical tourism.
  • State-of-the art educational facilities including nursery, school, and an institute.

Nexgen sustainable city will become the world’s first net zero city producing more energy and food than it consumes. The city is designed to provide food, energy and water security whilst also creating a green economy & promoting ecotourism.

Planned for the eastern district of Cairo in Egypt, the 580 hectare sustainable city will provide 9,000 residential units for all income levels and for a population of 35,000 residents. The project will create 10,000 jobs with majority focusing on green tech industries such as food-tech, energy-tech, water-tech and waste-tech, thus creating a circular green economy for the city.

Ecotourism, medical tourism, retail, edutainment and leisure facilities will transform the city into a unique destination for visitors. Hospitality facilities include a 5 star eco resort, glamping lodges, ecotourism visitor center and a nature reserve conservation hub. Medical facilities include an autism village, rehabilitation & wellness center as well as clinics.

URB are the mastermind behind the project, whose founder led designs of various sustainable cities including The Sustainable City Yiti Oman, The Sustainable City Yas Island, The Sustainable City Amman & Phase 2 of The Sustainable City Dubai and many more yet to be revealed.

Baharash Bagherian, CEO & founder of URB explains the significance of Nexgen in the evolution of sustainable cities. “The creation of the next generation Net Zero cities that provide food, energy and water as security is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity. Nexgen is the next evolution in sustainable cities that provide innovative multi-functional solutions for social, economic, and environmental challenges whilst setting the highest sustainability standards for building resilient & liveable cities.”

Nexgen will be the first climate positive city producing more renewable energy & food than it consumes. Food security currently affects one in four of the world’s population. The project provides state-of-the-art solutions that address the critical food-energy-water & waste nexus.

About URB

URB are a global leader in developing sustainable cities with a sense of purpose to accelerate the world’s transition towards net zero developments. The company is headquartered in Dubai Design District with several international projects currently in planning stages. For more information, please visit URB website at urb.ae