Muscat: Scuba diving is the perfect hobby to best explore Oman's pristine waters and rich marine life.

Muscat in particular has two different diving locations with numerous dive sites; the most popular are Damaniyat Islands, Fahal Reserve Marine and Bandar Khayran. Scuba diving can be enjoyed all around the year in Muscat. The temperature can vary from 22 degrees in Winters to 32 degrees in Summers.

As the case is with most hobbies, some people are naturally better suited to the pursuit and are therefore going to get more out of the experience than others.

To inspire you and help you decide if scuba diving could become your new favorite hobby, here is a list of the 10 types of people who should learn to dive and consider spending some time under the waves.

1. Water lovers

Quiet simply, if your perfect day involves being on/in/around water, getting to spend time under the water will only be a good thing. No matter whether it's for recreational or professional purposes, a journey into the big blue is never going to leave you feeling blue.

2. Nature Enthusiasts

While much of the life found in the ocean still remains unclassified or undiscovered, the life we ​​are familiar with is pretty special.

Getting to see whales, sharks, turtles, dolphins and a plethora of fish and other marine life in their natural habitat is something animal enthusiasts shouldn't miss. For this reason, lovers of the natural world should not pass up the chance to experience marine life up close.

Oman is one of the most beautiful and pristine scuba diving destinations. Sea lovers will be able to enjoy micro & macro dives, starting from little shrimps/ seahorses to the harmless shark species found in the Indian ocean along with big whale migraters.

3. Bucket Listers

There's no way journeying into the depths of the ocean isn't on everyone's bucket list. Like jumping out of a plane, seeing the northern lights and traveling to Antarctica, breathing underwater is something you simply shouldn't miss during your time on the planet.

4. Adrenaline Junkies

The act of taking a first breath underwater is a unique experience and enough to get your adrenaline flowing. Then, once you're over that hump, more adrenaline-filled adventures await in the form of wreck dives, caves, high-speed currents and the deepest depths. Scuba diving is an addictive activity for adventure seekers. Adrenaline junkies are people who should definitely learn to dive.

5. History Buffs

While it's easy to picture pristine coral reefs surrounded by an array of tropical fish, the underwater world is home to so much more. From cities taken by rising water to wartime fleets claimed by the deep ocean, you could go a lifetime exploring marine life habitats and still have something interesting to see on every dive.

6. Wellness Seekers

If you're searching for a place to forget about social media, focus on the world in front of you and generally enjoy living in the moment instead of worrying about everything else going on in the world, diving may just be the hobby you need. With the right approach and preparation, diving can be a truly relaxing experience.

7. Explorers

From the deepest depths to the narrowest caves, the underwater world still has a wealth of places to explore. There are few activities in the world which offer the lure of being the first person to discover a place.

8. Active people

Carrying a tank on your back before jumping in the water and kicking around for 45 minutes to an hour is certainly enough to check off your exercise quota for a day. Granted, some dives are definitely more relaxing than they are experienced, but a few hours of activity are never a bad thing for those who want to stay active.

9. Environmentalists/Conservationists

There's no doubt that seeing the challenges facing the environment through social media or on TV has an impact. However, seeing these challenges with your own eyes brings a new level of understanding about the need for conservation. Being a diver allows you to take part in coral restoration projects or underwater cleanups, which is definitely worth it if you are motivated to protect and preserve the oceans.

10. People Who Love Challenges

Love taking on activities to test your little one? There's no doubt scuba diving offers both physical and mental challenges to push your boundaries.

From diving deeper to entering full caves or ice-cold waters, the limits of scuba diving stop pretty much where your comfort ends.

So what are you waiting for? This weekend, choose to learn scuba diving to explore Oman's beauty.

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