Jeddah - The activities of the "Jeddah Pier" zone have launched today as part of the Jeddah season 2022. It is the largest mobile game city on the Red Sea and is characterized by its unique waterfront, in addition to the diversity of its activities that are appropriate for all ages.

"Jeddah Pier" offers over 39 unique entertainment games and provides seven diverse international experiences, in addition to the first roller coaster, paw patrol trials, lol surprise, pipa pig, and many other exciting entertainment shows. Furthermore, it is the site of several daily activities that will bring excitement and enjoyment to both children and adults, as well as all family members.

During the season, it is expected that "Jeddah Pier", which will open its doors daily from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., will see a large turnout of residents and visitors to Jeddah to enjoy the package of services and exciting entertainment events offered by this zone, as well as the entertainment experience with a unique international feature.

The Jeddah Pier zone can accommodate more than 18,000 visitors, and the activities are spread out over several locations, including the Colorful Garden, which is a distinctive area with a tunnel made of roses, in addition to a large play area for kids featuring their favorite characters such as LOL, Pig Pippa, and others. The adrenaline area, which includes a group of games in addition to Ain Al-Arous, a rollercoaster, and other thrilling games, is one favorable places. Furthermore, "Jeddah Pier" has a relaxation space as well as numerous stores, restaurants, and cafes.