Riyadh - The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) has invited the public to submit their input on the “National Radio Law Project”, which aims to regulate spectrum management in the Kingdom to increase the efficiency of spectrum use and enable wireless technology across all national sectors.

The CST said that the National Radio Law Project includes provisions concerning the governance of radio use, along with the responsibilities and obligations associated with its use in the Kingdom. In addition, the project establishes the legal framework for the main spectrum management activities, including the allocation of spectrum to radio services and applications, frequency licensing for wireless equipment, and spectrum monitoring and enforcing activities to prevent harmful interference. Furthermore, the National Radio Law Project sets forth the Kingdom’s responsibilities as per the international obligations, and coordination associated with the use of radio spectrum.

This initiative reflects CST’s commitment to managing such a scarce national resource more efficiently and responsibly, in accordance with the best global practice. Ultimately, CST’s goal is to provide access to spectrum to all national sectors, such as public safety, space, telecommunication, media and public transportation, and maximise the economic and social value of radio spectrum in the Kingdom.

Based on CST’s commitment to transparency and the inclusion of all relevant national and international stakeholders, it invites interested parties to respond to the request for public consultation by May 4, 2023, via the following channel: