Doha, Qatar: The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is preparing regulations and executive decisions of Law No. (5) of 2024 regulating real estate registration, in order to complete the procedures for activating the provisions of the new law.

Assistant Undersecretary for Real Estate Registration and Documentation Affairs at MoJ, Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi, said this comes within the framework of the ministry’s efforts to upgrade the legal and service system, in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership to expedite transactions and services afforded to citizens and residents, in addition to promote the level of services in the government authorities, including the activation of the digital transformation initiatives, Al Suwaidi outlined.

He said the law has created an array of new provisions in their entirety in real estate registration which primarily ensure the citizens’ rights and ownership of their real estate and property, as well as private investments conducted by citizens and non-citizens, who currently enjoy unprecedented legal guarantees thanks to the advanced legislation approved by Qatar during the past period.

Al Suwaidi said customers will be able to sell and purchase the property online via SAK mobile app soon and enforce the real estate registration measures electronically, in accordance with the regulations and measures issued by a decision from the Minister of Justice.

This is in addition to providing the feature of notating judicial rulings on the real estate page as soon as they are issued to avoid fraud, giving more transparency to transactions, and informing the parties of all real estate data, which will contribute to reducing real estate disputes. The law has dedicated a special ruling for the registration measures, authentication of signatures, so that a register is created in the Real Estate Registration Department at the MoJ in which registration applications are recorded with serial numbers according to the order in which they are submitted, and in which requests for obtaining documents and certificates are recorded, he highlighted.

Al Suwaidi stated that the law also stipulates that the procedures for registration or authentication of signatures are conducted upon request of the parties concerned or their surrogates, according to the forms of documents prepared by the Real Estate Registration Department for this purpose, as per procedures and conditions stipulated in the law and its subsequent executive regulations.

The new law has been formulated in 55 articles to supersede the law that has been enforced for 60 years, with overarching and crucial adjustments that will make a paradigm shift in the field of real estate registration, in addition to saving records, documents and indexes related to real estate registration, Al Suwaidi outlined. He said the new law also decides the applications submitted by entities concerned to register unregistered properties, along with the raised objections, as well as deciding on the ownership rights to unregistered properties expropriated for public benefit, organising the powers of the Real Estate Registration Committee, procedures for updating real estate registry data, and other amendments whose introduction took into account flexibility and accommodating all aspects of development witnessed by the state and society.

The law will register all transactions that would create, transfer, alter, or eliminate an ownership right or another original real estate right, as well as the final provisions that confirm these rights, Al Suwaidi added, pointing out that the new law also took into account the service of the public and the real estate sector in general, in terms of facilitating transactions and reducing procedures, both for the benefit of individuals or legal entities such as companies.

He said these adjustments come within the framework of updating the legislations to keep up with the objectives of QNV 2030 and the third Qatar National Development Strategy 2024-2030, pointing out that the Qatari project has been committed to ensuring the rights of citizens and all customers in the local real estate sector.

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