19 May, 2015

Aussie business expert to share 'Joy of Business' with Dubai entrepreneurs

The sessions, organised by Dubai-based Rejuvenate 2012 and Beyond (CEO-U Events)

Simone Milasas, business expert, author and session facilitator of Joy of Business

Simone Milasas, business expert, author and session facilitator of Joy of Business

19 May 2015
Prominent Australian business leader to share business ideologies, tools and techniques for growth and generation; unique programme of focused sessions to change your business and life in three days!
Simone Milasas, director of numerous global companies and worldwide coordinator of Access Consciousness®, will bring unique business insights and ideologies to Dubai through a series of sessions covering business idea generation, creation implementation, and overcoming of challenges under the Joy of Business brand.

The sessions, organised by Dubai-based Rejuvenate 2012 and Beyond (CEO-U Events) will be held at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel from 19-21 June and are based on the life-changing techniques, tools and processes designed by Access Consciousness® which have in the past 25 years changed the lives of over 30,000 people in 173 countries around the world.

Due to the demand for Joy of Business sessions, this is the second world tour of the popular classes with Ireland, India, the US, Australia and New Zealand all set to welcome Simone's unique insight into the business world.

"Bringing Simone to Dubai was an obvious choice as news surrounding SME's and the difficulties they face in the region has been well documented in the media. Bringing a new perspective to the fore, through Simone's global business credentials and unique take on achieving targets and objectives, makes her the ideal candidate to impart her years of experience through a tried and tested workshop environment," said Jennifer Randive, CEO Rejuvenate 2012 and Beyond (CEO-U Events)

In addition to the classes, Simone is author of the Joy of Business book. Translated into seven languages, the book gives readers a new perspective on creating a business and a lifestyle that works for the individual.

A total of three classes will target business owners, entrepreneurs, aspiring business set-ups and corporate suits at all levels, by showcasing Simone's unique interpretation of creating a successful working environment through asking questions, taking alternative approaches to workplace issues and continually making new choices to benefit the company, all while enjoying the process.

"Joy of Business was developed to underscore the antithesis of what we have traditionally perceived business to be: something that you have to have right, that once you make a decision you have to stick to it, and you cannot change your point of view. What each Joy of Business session highlights is in order to meet business targets, the realisation the choices you make, may or may not work yet you are willing to have the courage to move forward and change, even walk away if necessary," said Simone Milasas, business expert, author and session facilitator of Joy of Business.

"During my sessions I work with business owners and people in business to inject a totally new energy into what they do. Joy of Business allows me to help facilitate ideas from the generation stage to fruition, often outwith participants perceived business parameters," she added.

The first session to take place is the Joy of Business Foundation, during this class Simone assists participants by looking at business and money from a very different place and outlining new business possibilities.

The Joy of Business Advanced 2 Day gets underway on the 20th June and will provide thought, insight and ideas to make business changes, reduce stress and anxiety by creating an enjoyable working environment. The two-day session starts at 9.30am at a cost of US$1200 per participant. To attend the class the participant must complete the Foundation Class.

For more information and to register for the classes please visit www.accessjoyofbusiness.com.

Class Details - JOY OF BUSINESS - The Foundation - Dubai, UAE

Link to Register for the class: http://www.accessjoyofbusiness.com/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=202749

Class Details - JOY OF BUSINESS ADVANCED (2 days) Dubai, UAE

Link to Register for the class http://www.accessjoyofbusiness.com/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=217202 


About Simone Milsasas and the Joy of Business
Most people don't see any joy in business. They see business as hard, stressful, stuck, a struggle... and a whole lot of things that business can be, but doesn't have to be!

Simone Milasas is a director of multiple companies and the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness™.   She is a business mentor and specializes in enabling business owners to create businesses which operate from the 'Joy of Business'.  She presents her 'Joy of Business' programs internationally and online.

Simone founded and operated many businesses from a young age and has always done business differently.  Working closely with Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness™, and his co-creator Dr Dain Heer, Simone has access to a set of dynamic business tools which are effective and often very different to mainstream business approaches.

The difference Simone brings to business is her willingness to constantly ask questions, look at things differently, contribute to those she works with, and continually make new choices.

If anything could be possible in business, what would you choose? What would you need to change to make that choice a reality in your business? Would you be willing to know it can be this simple? Make a choice... change whatever is required... create the Joy of Business™!

In her own words, "Business is one of the areas in life where I am constantly asking questions and never assume that I have the answer. I am always willing to have things show up differently and change whatever isn't working. That to me is the adventure and joy that business can be."

Rejuvenate 2012 and Beyond (CEO-U Events)
Is a company dedicated to hosting seminars and workshops for empowerment and enhancement. The CEO-U Events is the platform to facilitate people in stepping up and into being Conscious Creative, Inspired, Empowered and Engaged in their own life and living. The company is engaged in empowerment programs that are shared by leaders in their fields. The concept for CEO-U Events is to be the Change Catalysts we are here to be, and to be empowered awesome contributions to ourselves that is so required in the world.
About Jennifer Randive
Jennifer Randive is currently the Managing Director and CEO of focus direct Management Consultants, and has assisted many people with their career choices, and organisations with choosing the best talent to enhance their business growth. She is not involved with recruitment, however is now assisting companies and individuals in facilitating change creating different possibilities for people their organizations and overall performance. United Arab Emirates and Rejuvenate 2012 and beyond (CEO-U Events).

Jennifer has been in the GCC for 36 years and in Dubai in particular for 25 years. She has been privileged to work with some of the most distinguished companies in the region and for the Government of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Jennifer is a Licensed LifeSuccess® Coach & Mentor She conducts Seminars and Workshops, Individual Coaching and Group Coaching. She is also a published author and just released her second audio book tilted The CEO-U The Chief Engagement Officer You Of Your Life.

A Reiki Master Landmark Forum Champion A Practitioner and Teacher of ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Manifestation and Abundance, E-Myth Master, A Certified Energy Master Mentor, and The First Access Consciousness® Bars Certified Facilitator and Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator in the Middle East.

Jennifer assists people work with energy and business together to shift their Energetic Vibrations which then clears stored limiting beliefs that catapults individuals to reach out to create more possibilities, allowing them to receive more to Be Do and Have and create more of themselves in their lives, their businesses and over all relationships.

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