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Safdar Badami

EMEA construction industry: Key trends and opportunities for 2021

: Just like any other sector, the construction industry also has to adjust to the prevailing conditions to keep most of its projects going. As a result, new trends are now emerging that will most likely shape the industry

Veronica Cotdemiey

Investing in a second passport during a pandemic

Countries are becoming more cautious in issuing visas and people are actively, more than we've ever seen, looking into options

Farhad Azizi

Dubai real estate: Oversupply and COVID-19 put to rest, demand takes shape

With the growing number of buyers slowly surpassing the number of renters, developers have to consider building for a clientele that is looking for long-term comfort

Lukman Otunuga

Is the stock market rally misleading?

It must be kept in mind that the world economy is still expected to contract by 3% in 2020

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