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Vijay Valecha

2022 set to be a flourishing year for the Middle East region

Galvanized by retail investors, who continued their high level of engagement that began in 2020, 2021 witnessed record-high trading volumes

Rami Darwish

The fieldworker digital revolution is underway

The revolution of technology arriving to the field is expanding to equipment and assets too, with billions of IoT devices anticipated to be deployed in the field in the coming years

Remy Marcel-Villerabel

A nuanced approach is essential to investing in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait

Understanding the different fundamentals driving the considerable valuation variation between these four economies is essential to developing a nuanced equities approach to the region

Lydia Hamill

Global sukuk market signals growth ahead

While many signs point to continued sukuk market growth, shariah-compliant investment product offerings are sparse, resulting in a significant gap between demand and supply

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