Cairo : The fourth edition of Cairo Consultants Forum, which was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, has concluded successfully under the slogan Design to sustain.

The forum, which witnessed the presence of the government, and a large number of Egyptian and foreign consultants, included multiple discussions on the 8th and 9th of this June, on smart systems that provide services to achieve different designs, the smart infrastructure that is currently being implemented in Egypt, and the smart media that has become a part of principal from any direct dealings.

Marwa El-Gohary, commercial director of IT EVENTS, the organizer of the forum, said that the forum's activities witnessed the presence of a group of consultants and and manufacturers of industries supporting smart systems, to learn about the latest technological means, sponsored by Datwyler IT Infra, Systems Engineering of Egypt - SEE, CommScope, Barco Fluke-Network.

She added that the forum helps to introduce industries that support smart projects with the latest technological means in digital transformation, through data collection and analysis, noting that the idea started in 2018, and the first edition was held in 2019, by organizing a conference on digital transformation.

She pointed out that the company had taken the lead in discussing modern methods and presenting various industries that support engineering consultants with the latest local and foreign industries that serve the digital transformation file, explaining that the current edition of the forum witnessed a great turnout from companies and consultants, to find out the latest digital products.

She said that the company is working on developing the forum to keep pace with the various changes in all technological industries, which will have multiple effects on sustainability and designs.

For his part, Dr. Tarek El-Sukary, Director of Raw building materials technology and processing research institute at the Housing & Building National Research Center, said that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, has placed the urban development sector, improving facilities and providing services as a priority for Egypt to enter the era of smart cities in line with the vision of 2030 and the Sustainable Development Strategy.

He pointed out that the political leadership has worked during the last 7 years to increase the urban area and alleviate the suffering of citizens, especially residents of unsafe areas, in addition to ensuring the image of life in civilized residential communities that suit different segments of society by accelerating the completion of the construction of a large number of new cities developed to accommodate the housing increase and provide investment and employment opportunities within the country.

He added that smart cities are one of the most important strengths that lead to a major boom in the telecommunications and real estate sectors in Egypt, and the government seeks to build all new cities with the smart city system, which achieves technological development within the framework of the transition to a digital society that facilitates services provided to the citizen, which is what it is doing The Ministry of Housing through building smart cities as it implements the sustainable development plan for Egypt, as the population increase is unprecedented and the urban planning of the state must comply with it.

He pointed out that 22 new cities are currently being built in which global implementation standards are applied, led by the new administrative capital and new Alamein City. He explained that smart cities depend mainly on information and communication technology infrastructure, and what distinguishes them is their focus on people, as they can respond to changing economic, cultural and social conditions unlike traditional cities.

He pointed out that the fourth edition of the forum has reviewed good solutions for all technological elements, which appeared in the size of the turnout for the forum and the exhibition accompanying.

Eng. Mohamed El-Mansi, a systems engineer at CommScope, confirmed that the forum helps technology companies communicate with Egyptian and foreign consultants by presenting the latest digital products in the Egyptian market.

He pointed out that the forum's support for the government's vision of transforming all transactions into digital is a progress in the relationship between engineering consultants and the manufacturers of industries that serve the implementation of smart sustainable buildings.

El-Mansi said that his company pays great attention to studies and research, in addition to being present with a number of international bodies that set standards, which contributes to its submission of specifications to consultants through the forum.

He added that the integration between consultants and companies that provide smart solutions contributes to increasing the volume of implemented projects, in addition to implementing a good digital transformation.