Dubai, UAE: Zimyo, a leading cloud-based HR and Payroll software provider, announced its expansion into the UAE &  GCC market. After fuelling the digital transformation of 1000+ organizations across India, Zimyo now aims to expand the adoption of its robust HRMS, Payroll, Performance Management, and Recruitment suite and its network of partners to meet the ever-growing customer demands in the gulf region.

Zimyo products are widely used by small and mid-sized businesses in Consulting, IT Services, Software, Retail, Manufacturing, and Entertainment industries. Some of its key customers include Bajaj Capital, Amity University, Apollo Power Systems, Soho House, and Yash Raj Films, among other renowned names.

To mark its footprints in the GCC region, Zimyo has on-boarded a few clients in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Saudi Arabia including Morni, a Series B funded roadside assistance start-up in Riyadh. Zimyo aims to capitalize on increasing demand in the region to serve the market. With Zimyo’s robust HR solutions, organizations have experienced reduced employee attrition, increased retention, and an enhanced employee engagement by almost three times. 

"Millions of employees of the small and mid-size businesses, which form over 45% of this working population are forced to choose between paper and HR solutions that aren’t designed for them. Zimyo wishes to bridge that gap. We want to be the go-to HR platform that both the SMBs and the employees choose for meeting its HR and benefits needs.", shared Kumar Mayank, CEO & Co-Founder – Zimyo.

Zimyo is digitally transforming small and mid-sized businesses that have been let down by traditional legacy solutions and tireless paperwork taking up a majority of the manual efforts. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface boosts HR productivity and enhances the overall employee experience. Zimyo offers 40 modules including Engage, Attendance, Leave Management, Requisition, and Recruitment among others. It is the only cloud-based HR and Payroll solution offering 40 modules in HRMS.

Zimyo aims to empower thousands of organizations across the world to offer a true employee experience to their employees, helping them get the best out of their workforce, drive higher engagement, and build a differentiating human capital advantage.

We have introduced several use cases within the product to make the lives of HRs easier, enhance their productivity, and elevate employee experiences. This has improved product adaptability and contributed to the company’s growth. We are on a mission to provide a holistic HRMS solution to small and mid-sized businesses and transform their HR operations by replacing the legacy solutions.” said Ajay Kadyan, Co-Founder, Zimyo.

The global HRM market size was valued at USD 17.56 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2% from 2021 to 2028. The aggressive adoption of digital and automated HRMS software in UAE and gulf region to improve HR functions is expected to drive the growth of the market over the forecast period. According to a survey published by KPMG, 67% of UAE-based HR executives indicated that their HR function has experienced a digital transformation. This highlights that the HR professionals in UAE are contemplating HR tech as a great tool to attract the right talent, retain their employees and manage human resources efficiently. Kumar Mayank believes that Zimyo is fully equipped to serve the HR professionals in the UAE market and transform their workplaces as well.

From BFSI, FMCG, and IT/ITES to Logistics, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, Zimyo is serving the needs of every industry out there. Even if you’re a small firm of 10 people or a large enterprise with 10,000 people, Zimyo can help you with hassle-free HR management.

About Zimyo

Zimyo is building ways for businesses to manage and automate the system that employees run on—from HRMS, performance, engagement, payroll, and a lot more to devices and apps.

Zimyo was fabricated in 2018 by the founding members – Kumar Mayank and Ajay Kadyan to bring teams together. The reason why we design tools that allows you to frame and tailor your recruitment into a collaborative process. More than 1,000 companies use our innovative HR solution to speed up daily processes, increase retention and reduce employee attrition, and provide a quality employee experience platform.

With our software, we aim to free smart people to work on hard problems and eliminate the administrative work of running a company.

Our solutions enable hundreds of top organizations like Bajaj Capital, Amity University, Riskcovry, imocha and more to improve their key metrics by minimizing their employee on-boarding time, turnover ratios, improved ESS procedures, help desk, and much more.