Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Xylem, the leading water technology company committed to solving the most challenging water problems around the world, drew attention to the importance of saving water by pledging to save more than 16.5 billion cubic meters of water globally by 2025. The company, which reduced water use by 19 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year, made the announcement on the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day, marked globally on July 28th of each year.

Within the UAE, this announcement sheds light on the continued efforts and initiatives that the country has implemented toward tackling global water crises. Led by the exemplary responses by the UAE, Xylem is eager to see such efforts turn fruitful in the face of current climate conditions.

Naji Skaf, Managing Director of Xylem Middle East and Turkey, commended the company’s pledge and revealed that Xylem’s 2025 strategy is to reduce the use of non-revenue generating water by more than 3.5 billion cubic meters, as this estimation is equivalent to the use of domestic water of more than 55 million people per year.

Xylem, whose core goal is to make water more accessible and affordable for all by creating water systems that are more flexible, has been working hard towards enhancing the usage, protection and recycling of water for the future with its 17,000 employees globally. It also aims to contribute to water-saving initiatives with concrete steps; once again drawing attention to the importance of this issue.

Contributing to the prevention of 1.4 billion cubic meters of polluted water from entering global water resources and settlements in 2020 through its work in digital technologies, Xylem has enabled its customers to reuse 4.3 billion cubic meters of water through optimised treatment solutions. It also managed to reduce non-revenue water by half a billion cubic meters. Xylem will continue to prevent over 7 billion cubic meters of contaminated water from entering global water resources or settlements in the coming period, along with providing access to clean water solutions for at least 20 million people living at the base of the global economic pyramid.

Xylem’s 2025 strategies for water conservation

Naji Skaf stated, “Ten of our company's 22 large facilities are currently running on 100 percent renewable energy, two of which recycle 100 percent of their field’s processed water, meanwhile 12 of those fields have these processes ongoing. We have successfully managed to reduce the overall water density in these facilities by approximately 30 percent compared to 2014. In 2020, we reduced our water usage by 19 percent compared to the previous year.”

Adding, “Our aim is to save more than 16.5 billion cubic meters of water by 2025. We are also committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions in our value chain before 2050, with our aspiration to achieve 100 percent renewable energy and 100 percent process water recycling in our facilities”.

Xylem Watermark is an essential part of the company's sustainability efforts

Xylem Watermark's mission is to provide equitable access to education, safe water and sanitation to support healthy lives and help build resilience in other communities. In line with this mission, the company works with non-profit partners on sustainable development projects that provide education and protect safe water resources for different communities around the world. Alongside such, the programme encourages its employees and stakeholders to take action in tackling global water challenges through volunteering their time, donating in-kind technology and products, and making monetary donations. Xylem understands that the water crisis is too big for any organization to solve alone; that is why everyone must come together to dissolve these water crises. Xylem employees around the world, who graciously volunteered 113,000 hours in 2021, have brought awareness to the threats facing water-scarce communities.


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