The water stock in Tunisian dams posted a deficit of 173 million m3 on April 18, compared with the average for the last three years, despite the improvement in these reserves compared with last year, Director General of Dams and Major Water Works at the Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Ministry Faiez Msallem said on Friday.

The dams' filling rate reached 36%, standing at 831 million m3 on April 18, compared with an average of 1,004 million m3 during the same period in the past three years, he indicated at press conference on Friday in Tunis.

Dam reserves have improved by 121.3 million m3 compared with the same period last year, he added.

Overall inflows to the dams stood at 610.1 million m3 on April 18, against an average of 1,586.4 million m3 during the same period over the last three years, down by 976.3 million m3 due to the large rainfall deficit during the autumn season.

Dams in the north-west have recorded relatively good supplies, compared with those in the midland and Cap Bon where the situation requires a specific action programme due to the wide deficit they are suffering, the official underlined.

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