Dubai: The absolute highlight of Tupan Aircraft's stand during the MEBAA 2022 air show in Dubai, was the visit of his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai spent considerable time at the stand of the Brazilian company Tupan Aircraft on the first day of the fair on 6 December and had the drone innovation " TUPAN HS-VSTOL" demonstrated and explained to him. The fair will continue until 8 December. 

Another enthusiastic guest at stand 875 was Aerospace Director Mohamm Falasi from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub. "Our first participation at the fair in Dubai was a complete success. We had many good discussions and were able to present our innovative product to many visitors," says Alberto Carlos Pereira, CEO & Partner at Tupan Aircraft.

Innovative drone " TUPAN HS-VSTOL" combines the best of two worlds

The " TUPAN HS-VSTOL" is a scaled-down model of the Tupan Cargo that can be used as an RC model aircraft or training drone. It is also ideal for training specialists who want to qualify for the use of the Tupan Large Cargo. The TUPAN HS-VSTOL is an all-electric aircraft powered by four individually adjustable electric fans (EDF) and has a flight autonomy of 3 minutes in VSTOL and 20 minutes in cruise. The dimensions of the Tupan TUPAN HS-VSTOL are: 197 centimeters  wingspan, 180 centimetres length and an MTOW of 25 kgf.

Made of carbon fibre, the drone can reach a speed of 150 kilometres per hour and has a range of up to 30 kilometres. The TUPAN HS-VSTOL can still carry a dedicated video and lidar camera, while the larger versions can lift a maximum payload of up to 600 kilograms and reach a cruising speed of 850 km/h and a range of 1,200 km with four turbo engines. 

The Brazilian company’s mission is  to develop innovative HSVSTOL solutions. More details about Tupan Aircraft and the " TUPAN HS-VSTOL": 


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