Abu Dhabi, UAE: Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) is organizing a series of sessions in Al Ain city in coordination with the Councils Affairs Office at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince's Court. The sessions aim to raise the public’s awareness of the Center’s services and projects for maintaining public cleanliness and pest control in Abu Dhabi.

The first session, entitled “Services of Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center – Tadweer”, was held at Al Foah Council in Al Ain city on Saturday 28 May 2022. The session was presented by Ibrahim Al Zayoudi, an entomologist at Tadweer, during which he discussed the Center’s services, fields of work, and its recycling plants which convert waste into resources. Al Zayoudi gave a detailed explanation of the services of waste collection and transport and pest control carried out in Al Foah area in Al Ain, showing how the public can participate in carrying out these tasks and helping keep the city clean.

Eng. Nael Al Shamsi, Manager of Tadweer's Al Ain Branch, said: “The Center is keen on organizing events continuously to raise awareness among the population of the Emirate about the importance of protecting the environment, and encourage them to adopt a correct environmental behavior to help promote sustainable development. Through these sessions, we seek to inform the people of Al Ain about the Center’s important role of building integrated systems for waste management and pest control and providing value-added services to clients and to the community, by briefing them on the various services provided by Tadweer in the Emirate and encouraging them to achieve the Center’s mission.”

“Our constant commitment to participating in interactive awareness activities comes as part of our efforts to spread the culture of sustainable waste management. In doing so, we can develop a society with a high level of awareness to reduce waste production and transform it into an economic resource for Abu Dhabi,” he added.

The second session, entitled “Recycling Projects and their Products”, by Abdulaziz Al Jaberi, Operational Projects Team Leader at Tadweer, will be held at Um Ghafah Council in Al Ain city on Saturday 11 June 2022. The session will tackle the uses of recycled products and the methods for obtaining them to use them in construction, agriculture, and horse stables flooring and children’s playground.

On 1 June 2022, the Center will organize a lecture entitled “Converting waste into resources” at Al Khibeesi Council in Al Ain, in which Eng. Nael Al Shamsi, Manager of Tadweer's Al Ain Branch, will review the waste collection and transport and pest control services provided by the Center in the Emirate.

The sessions will include video clips providing information about the topics, and will give the audience the opportunity to ask any questions that they have during the event.

Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) is always committed to organizing and participating in social events and endeavors for raising awareness, with the goal of increase direct communication with the public, answering their questions, informing them about the Center’s services, and encouraging them to take part in keeping the Emirate’s clean and presentable.