Muscat: MHD ACERE is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Hongqi cars, the Chinese expression of automotive luxury. The first Hongqi automobile was born in 1958. Since then, Hongqi has rapidly developed and expanded its product range and variety to include sedans and SUVs, which led to a surge in market sales and a gradual realization of global exports. In fact, among all the concepts that Hongqi focuses on, safety is one of the concepts that Hongqi attaches great importance to.

Hongqi Safety Standards and Systems

Hongqi made use of cutting-edge sciences and the latest technologies to secure ultimate safety for drivers and passengers. Each Hongqi comes with a wide selection of safety systems and features, such as original security technologies created by the Hongqi, including active safety, passive safety, high-voltage safety, functional safety, and information security. In terms of active safety, Hongqi vehicles are equipped with 26 intelligent sensing sensors, which can provide active safety protection in multiple scenarios, such as front collision/side collision warning, road departure warning, and active braking.

Hongqi has real-time insulation function monitoring and a multi-level insulation alarm mechanism to ensure the safety of high-voltage systems. The dual intelligent protection system of the vehicle pile ensures the safety of the charging process.

Hongqi uses the industry's unique super-strong cage body construction with a blend of steel and aluminum, employing ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel plates, and producing an H-shaped structure through the stable combination of longitudinal beams, B-pillars, and mid-channels. However, the cage construction protects passengers from rolling and severe crashes and creates a "living space". It also features a side battery protection mechanism to prevent squeezing and increase passive protection. As a matter of fact, Hongqi carried out the first domestic double-column collision test challenge which mainly simulates daily life collisions. When the vehicle loses control in life, it hits the roadside light poles, large trees, and other pillars, consequently, the degree of protection of the car's safety for the drivers and the battery pack.

The results showed that the Hongqi body structure remained intact in the face of the most severe double-side column collision test; the door sills and B-pillars did not fail; the door did not separate from the body during the collision; and the door locks and hinges of the door at the impact position did not fail.

The electric shock protection performance of Hongqi fulfills the norms; voltage safety, electrical energy safety, physical protection, and insulation resistance all meet electrical safety requirements; Furthermore, Hongqi E-HS9 has made significant efforts to protect the privacy and safety of car owners: Hongqi E-HS9 has implemented multiple protection mechanisms in cloud security, pipeline communication security, core controller security protection, core data security protection, and other areas to ensure the safety of vehicle owners' information.

Hongqi’s Rating

China's new car evaluation program: the H9 sedan from Hongqi has received a five-star rating. The H9 was ranked first among the newest batch of vehicles in the C-NCAP test, with a score of 90.7 percent. The vehicle received a 95.13 percent active safety rating, a 93.42 percent passenger protection rating, and a 73.63 percent pedestrian protection rating.

Mr Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani, CEO of MHD ACERE – the exclusive distributors of Hongqi vehicles in Oman opines: “We are excited to witness the growing interest in Hongqi as a luxury brand in the region. Hongqi vehicles deliver optimum class and high performance at an incredibly reasonable price. At MHD ACERE, we make sure that our customers get the best experience and after sale service, when they choose Hongqi”. 

Hongqi, the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and ultimate safety is available in Oman. For more information, visit the Hongqi showroom in Azaiba