Riyadh - The Ministry of Interior has extended the grace period for allowing citizens to license illegal weapons and ammunition and suspends the legal accountability measures and penalties stipulated in the arms and ammunition system, which impose financial fines, imprisonment, and denial of licensing for violators, for one year starting from 17/10/ 1443 AH.

The Ministry called on all citizens to take the initiative to disclose their unlicensed weapons and ammunition, per the Weapons and Ammunition System issued by Royal Decree No. (M/45) dated 07/25/1426 AH and its executive regulations and instructions issued in this regard, as well as weapons that have been transferred to them by inheritance or will, and to hand them over voluntarily or legalize their status by reporting to the nearest police station before the end of the deadline on 16/10/1444 AH.

The ministry noted that the forms and instructions for this initiative can be obtained through the ministry's website www.moi.gov.sa, and booking an appointment for attendance through the appointment service on the Absher platform.