Qatar - Drive delivery motorcycles on the right track of the road, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has reminded while explaining it enhances the safety of the rider and other road users by minimising traffic accidents. “We remind that Article 49 of the Traffic Law obligates motorcycle delivery users to use the right lane of the road,” the advisory on MoI's X account added.

MoI, according to an earlier statement, has started strictly monitoring the violation of not keeping the right lane of the road by delivery motorbikes. This is part of the efforts to ensure traffic safety and reduce the number of accidents.

The General Directorate of Traffic has issued a set of guidelines for delivery bikes as per Traffic Law No. 19/2007. As per the guidelines, the load (delivery box) must be placed on top of the vehicle, it should be organised, arranged and fixed or tied safely so that it is not prone to moving or falling.

The Executive Regulations of the Traffic Law about the specifications state that the delivery box shall be firmly fixed and equipped with suitable and sufficient vibration dampers and that its length of the rear or front should not exceed 120cm and width not more than 60cm. The length of the box, along with the motorcycle should not be more than 3m and its height should not be more than 120cm above the ground.

The length of the sidebox should not be more than the length of the bike, width not more than 60cm and height above the ground should not exceed 120cm. The General Directorate of Traffic has informed that failure to comply with these rules is liable for a fine of QR1,500.

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