RIYADH — In a groundbreaking announcement that has since ignited Riyadh's skyline and captured the world's imagination, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the New Murabba Development Company (NMDC), unveiled the ambitious New Murabba project. This monumental endeavor promises to be the world's largest modern downtown, an urban marvel that will not only redefine the city's skyline but also elevate the quality of life for its residents.

A futuristic vision in the heart of Riyadh

The New Murabba project is nothing short of a futuristic vision. Encompassing an astounding 19-square-kilometer area, it will offer more than 25 million square meters of floor space, heralding an era of urban living like no other. Nestled at the crossroads of King Salman and King Khalid roads in the northwest of Riyadh, this colossal development aims to be the epicenter of modernity and innovation.

Sustainability and quality of life

One of the cornerstones of the New Murabba project is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The city of the future will be seamlessly integrated with green areas, inviting walking and cycling paths that promote healthy, active lifestyles, and vibrant community activities. This forward-thinking approach doesn't just redefine urban living; it reimagines it.

Economic transformation

The New Murabba project isn't just about changing skylines; it's about changing lives. By 2030, it is anticipated to contribute a staggering SR180 billion to non-oil GDP and generate a remarkable 334,000 direct and indirect jobs. This isn't just a development; it's an economic transformation poised to secure Riyadh's future.

A world of possibilities within reach

Within a 15-minute walking radius, residents and visitors alike will find themselves immersed in a world of possibilities. Cutting-edge community facilities, leisure spaces, entertainment venues, and culture hubs will be at their fingertips. A state-of-the-art technology and design university, a multipurpose immersive theater, and an iconic museum will all add to the vibrant tapestry of the New Murabba.

A hub of housing and commerce

With 1.4 million square meters of office space, over 980,000 square meters of retail space, more than 104,000 residential units, and 9,000 hotel rooms, the New Murabba is set to be a bustling hub of housing and commerce. It's not just a place to live; it's a place to thrive.

The Mukaab: A beacon of innovation

At the heart of the New Murabba stands the "Mukaab," an architectural masterpiece that will be one of the largest built structures globally. Rising 400 meters high, wide, and long, it will encompass 2 million square meters of floor space. The cubic design ensures efficient use of space, housing cutting-edge technologies. With a nod to the modern Najdi architectural style and a blend of digital and virtual technology, the "Mukaab" offers a truly immersive experience. Atop a spiral base, it will host premium hospitality, retail, cultural and tourist attractions, residential and hotel units, commercial spaces, and recreational facilities. The "Mukaab" isn't just a landmark; it's a testament to innovation.

The New Murabba project is set to revolutionize Riyadh, ushering in an era of modernity, sustainability, and economic growth. It's not just a development; it's a transformation of a city and a way of life. Riyadh's skyline is evolving, and its future looks brighter than ever.


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