Riyadh - The Royal Commission for Riyadh (RCR) today announced the opening of the Singaporean One World International School (OWIS), one of the prestigious schools of the Singaporean Global Schools Foundation (GSF), in Riyadh as part of a program to attract international schools, which is affiliated with RCR that seeks to attract prestigious international schools to the capital in partnership with the ministries of investment and education.

International schools will contribute to creating a diversified educational system and offering globally accredited educational curricula and systems, in addition to adopting the best experience-based practices. The program to attract international schools is part of a broader program to attract regional headquarters of international companies, which aims at stimulating international companies to open regional headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where 44 international companies have received licenses to open their regional headquarters in Riyadh.

Head of the educational sector at RCR Eng. Mazen Tamar said: “Attracting prestigious international schools, such as OWIS is an extension of efforts to activate an educational system with an international level to improve the educational opportunities for residents in Riyadh”.

GSF Chairman Atul Temurnikar said: “OWIS is based on its full belief of comprehensive education to empower the next generation and acquainting them with a broader vision, where the school has sought to develop its educational approach to meet the needs of the age, and is committed to offering a qualitative education in Riyadh and will offer students a profound educational bases to enable them to excel globally in the future”.