ABU DHABI - Sanad, wholly owned by Mubadala Investment Company, has announced strengthening its partnership with Khalifa University of Science and Technology to nurture local talent and foster knowledge exchange.

The collaboration between Sanad and Khalifa University establishes three core pillars for students' training and development which include offering local and international training opportunities for students during holidays, supported by Sanad, its partners and renowned global original engine manufacturers (OEMs).

Additionally, Sanad's technical experts will conduct periodic workshops for Khalifa University's engineering students, aiming to broaden training opportunities for students pursuing bachelor's and master's degrees.

The agreement was signed by Sir John O'Reilly, President of Khalifa University, and Ebraheem Budebs, Group Head of Human Resources at Sanad, in the presence of Mansoor Janahi, Managing Director and Group CEO of Sanad, and Dr. Arif Al Hammadi, Executive Vice President at Khalifa University.

Janahi commented, "We recognise the pivotal role talent plays in shaping the aviation industry's trajectory. Sanad's commitment to cultivating world-class local talent is underscored through our training initiatives for the UAE's youth, aimed at refining developmental skills and instilling leadership qualities among participants to encourage more students to pursue careers in the aerospace sector. Our strategic partnership with Khalifa University aims to fortify the future of the local talent pool."

Professor O'Reilly said, "This synergistic partnership with Sanad's industry leadership and Khalifa University's research expertise and technical prowess underscores the value and importance of integrating academia and industry. Together, we strive towards shared objectives, aligning scientific and practical advancement for mutual progress.

"As a research, innovation, and enterprise-oriented academic institution committed to student development, we are eager to leverage Sanad's industry leadership and provide distinctive learning opportunities and hands-on experience in the aviation sector, equipping our students for a successful future in the field, and further nurturing the UAE talent pool of world-class experts."

The agreement empowers students by combining hands-on experience with academic knowledge, preparing them for a vital role within the aviation sector in the UAE.

Through practical training opportunities at Sanad and knowledge-sharing initiatives with industry experts, students' learning experiences are enhanced, contributing to operational advancements and adopting cutting-edge technologies.