Egypt - Nahdet Misr Publishing has entered into a collaboration with the “Akhdar” application, a leading educational platform known for its audiobook summaries, to create interactive digital educational content for Nahdet Misr’s e-learning platform, Adwaa’.

The goal of this partnership is to offer a dynamic and engaging learning experience that enhances students’ comprehension and skill development.

As part of the agreement, “Akhdar” will produce premium digital educational materials, featuring interactive summaries and concise, engaging videos that encapsulate the core concepts of the curriculum using graphics and visuals designed to capture the interest of primary school students.

This initiative continues Nahdet Misr’s tradition of supporting emerging enterprises. In 2021, Nahdet Misr’s venture capital division, EdVentures, invested in the “Akhdar” platform, aiding its growth and service expansion.

“Akhdar” stands out as a significant cultural and educational app in the Arab region. Originating as a YouTube channel in 2017, it gained popularity for its brief, captivating book summaries presented through illustrative drawings. The platform has since evolved into a comprehensive e-network that strives to distill information and straightforwardly disseminate knowledge.

The app has garnered considerable acclaim, amassing nearly one million subscribers globally and being utilized in over 173 countries. Its widespread adoption led Apple to recognize it as one of the top downloaded apps by iOS users and to select it as the premier app for accessing valuable educational content, concisely summarized for a universal audience.

Dalia Ibrahim, Chairperson of Nahdet Misr, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Akhdar to enhance Adwaa’s e-learning platforms. “We are committed to leveraging technology to foster interactive and progressive educational experiences that align with contemporary needs. Our ongoing support for Akhdar since its inception is a testament to this commitment, and we are eager to continue aiding its journey towards greater achievements,” she stated.

Ibrahim also noted that the collaboration underscores Nahdet Misr’s dedication to nurturing startups, offering more than just financial backing but also technical assistance, expertise sharing, and strategic partnerships that pave the way for these companies’ growth.

Mohamed Osama, CEO and co-founder of Akhdar, shared his delight over the alliance with Nahdet Misr, emphasizing that it marks a significant stride in fulfilling Akhdar’s mission to enrich Arabic digital educational content and make it widely accessible.

He further remarked that Akhdar consistently aims to integrate cutting-edge technologies to deliver a dynamic and inventive educational experience.

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