Julian Roche is the chief economist at Cavendish Maxwell. Julian was an analyst with the UK Government. He later helped develop and launch the UK’s residential forecasting service with the firms that merged to become Global Insight. Julian subsequently developed derivatives in the City of London and established real estate futures contracts for what is now the International Commodity Exchange. He also ran a property development and management firm, before eventually serving as an international consultant and trainer to governments, central banks and notable firms including AXA, Citibank, DBS, Deloitte and Thomson Reuters.

Website: https://www.cavendishmaxwell.com/insights/

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How valuable are homebuyer reports?

While homebuyer surveys have long been a common practice in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, its uptake is now slowly increasing in the UAE, especially among western expat buyers who understand their benefits

10 Jun 2021  - Opinion