DoH reveals the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Quality Index

Abu Dhabi Healthcare Quality Index is the first-of-its-kind in the region


ABU DHABI- The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, DoH, revealed the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Quality Index "Muashir", which sheds light on distinguished healthcare facilities that provide services of exceptional quality to Abu Dhabi’s residents, in line with the Diamonds Rating System.

The Abu Dhabi Healthcare Quality Index is the first-of-its-kind in the region in terms of comprehensiveness and quality, acting as an extension of the "JAWDA" programme launched by DoH in 2014 to measure the level of the quality of health services provided by the emirate’s healthcare facilities.

‘Muashir’ will focus on nine key pillars including, clinical care outcomes and healthcare regulations assurance, patient happiness, patient voice, quality assurance certificate, staff happiness, correct claims, safe workplace, as well as research and innovation.

According to ‘Muashir’, DoH will classify distinguished healthcare facilities according to the Diamonds Rating System based on mathematical and statistical equations that calculate the performance of hospitals according to several levels and classify them into five categories. This classification will be issued annually.

Distinguished facilities will receive a classification from one to five diamonds. A single diamond denotes "good", two diamonds is "very good", three diamonds is "excellent", four diamonds is exceptional and five diamonds is outstanding.

Commenting on the programme, Dr. Jamal Alkaabi, Acting Under-Secretary of DoH, said, "We were able to elevate Abu Dhabi’s position as a leader in quality in medical tourism, in addition to establishing and maintaining the highest quality standards as a method of work and a sustainable basis for all healthcare facilities in the emirate. As we continue to move forward, we will continue delivering excellence, providing high-quality healthcare services, and maintaining our readiness and sustainability for the future, all of which we aspire to achieve through ‘Muashir’." All healthcare facilities in the Emirate continue to meet and comply with the quality standards set forth by DoH which has been evaluating the emirate’s hospitals according to the nine pillars since 2018. Results and evaluation were shared with hospitals to explore ways to further improve the quality of healthcare, which contributed to a remarkable improvement in the results of in line with global standards for performance.

DoH will announce the results and the classifications for distinguished healthcare facilities soon. To know more about the Abu Dhabi Health Services Quality Index, healthcare facilities can visit the website:

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