Dubai saves 267MW in electricity consumption during Earth Hour 2019

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) recorded savings of 267 megawatts (MW) in electricity consumption in the Emirate, equivalent to a reduction of 114 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Dubai saves 267MW in electricity consumption during Earth Hour 2019

Dubai: Dubai achieved significant results in reducing electricity use during Earth Hour 2019. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) recorded savings of 267 megawatts (MW) in electricity consumption in the Emirate, equivalent to a reduction of 114 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. These results underline the importance of efforts by society, as well as the public and private sector organisations, to protect the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. People in Dubai joined millions of people around the world in expressing their solidarity with efforts to address the threats posed by global warming and climate change, by turning off unnecessary lights and electrical devices during Earth Hour, which the world observed from 8:30-9:30 pm on Saturday, 30 March 2019, with the theme ‘Connect to Earth.’ Dubai's landmarks, tourist and government buildings also took part in the event by turning off their lights for an hour.

Festive atmosphere at Marasi Promenade

DEWA organised distinguished activities to celebrate Earth Hour under the umbrella of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy; and in partnership with the Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS) in association with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and with the support of Dubai Holding. The activities at Marasi Promenade Business Bay were organised from 4 to 10pm. 15 government departments and 20 private companies took part in the activities. There were Emirati, Saudi and Chinese traditional bands; highlighting the cultural diversity of the UAE, especially in the Year of Tolerance, with its logo formed with candles at the event. Participants enjoyed various family and entertainment activities that aimed to raise environmental awareness. DEWA’s stand included a photography corner, an interactive games corner, and a corner for Noor and Hayat, the conservation mascots. Many government organisations had stands that displayed their key environmental initiatives.

For the 4th consecutive year, DEWA offset the carbon emissions resulting from Earth Hour 2019 activities, with Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) credits from its projects. This will be based on the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Earth Hour Walk

The Earth Hour Walk, the most prominent activity in the event, started at 8:30pm. HE Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment; HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA; HE Ahmed Abdul Karim Julfar, Director General of Dubai Community Development Authority (CDA); ); HE Khalifa Al Darrai, Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services; HE Dherar Belhoul Al Falasi, Director General of the Watani Al Emarat Foundation; HE Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council; HE Saif Al Falasi, CEO of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC); Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, Chief Executive Officer of Dubal Holding; Dr Essa Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai; Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson of the Emirates Environmental Group; Khalid Al Malik, Managing Director of Dubai Holding; and a large number of officials from the public and private sectors took part in the walk.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer thanked the officials who took part in the Earth Hour Walk along with thousands of people of all ages and nationalities who carried candles and eco-friendly lanterns to express their solidarity with global efforts to protect Planet Earth. At the end of the activities, Al Tayer honoured the government departments and private organisations that took part in the event.

“Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, DEWA has been organising Earth Hour annually since 2008. Dubai was the first Arab city to organise Earth Hour activities to highlight sustainable practices that lead to positive change in climate action. The significant results achieved by Dubai this year emphasise the important role, society members can play in rationalising energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint to protect the environment and natural resources as well as contribute to sustainable development. The purpose of Earth Hour is to urge everyone to adopt a conscious and responsible lifestyle in electricity and water consumption and to make the sensible use of resources and environmental protection a daily practice to combat climate change, and support national efforts in reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources, and ensuring their sustainability for generations to come” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA.

“I would like to thank all customers across all sectors who took part in Earth Hour by switching off unnecessary lights and electric appliances. I also thank all government and private sector organisations that joined us in supporting national efforts to reduce carbon emissions and find sustainable solutions to global warming and climate change,” added Al Tayer.

Ministry of Energy and Industry

HE Suhail Al Mazroui, UAE Minister of Energy and Industry, focused on the UAE's commitment to implement the best international standards and sustainable practices to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, and conserve natural resources to ensure its sustainability for future generations in line with the directives of the wise leadership and the National Energy Strategy 2050: “The UAE’s celebration of Earth Hour, with the theme ‘Connect with the Earth,’ confirms its continued contribution to international environmental efforts by organising various local events in conjunction with one of the most prominent, annual, environmental events that brings together government entities and individuals.”

“The UAE is celebrating this global environmental event to raise awareness among all members of society, promote daily consumption and rationalisation behaviours, and support national efforts that contribute to the balance between sustainable development and the environment,” said Al Mazroui.

Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

“Climate action requires an all-hands-on-deck approach with everyone playing their integral part. This approach underlines the monumental importance of Earth Hour that serves as an annual reminder for people to rethink their consumption habits and make sustainability an essential part of everyday life. Observing Earth Hour aligns with the UAE’s steadfast commitment to mitigating the causes of climate change and adapting to its impacts. In line with our leading role in advocating environmental sustainability, the country is keen to participate in all international initiatives that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and raise public awareness of the importance of lowering the carbon footprint,” said HE Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment.

Dubai Police

“We value DEWA’s efforts. Our participation in Earth Hour supports DEWA’s awareness initiatives and Dubai’s goals to rationalise consumption of natural resources and promote environmental culture among society members as the intensity and risk of carbon emissions increases. It is also in line with achieving the principles of green economy to build a more sustainable future for future generations,” said Major General Abdulla Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police.

Al Marri reiterated Dubai Police’s commitment to supporting the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, and implement the Zero Carbon Police Force initiative that won the UN Climate Solutions Award in recognition of one of the best global best practices that try to keep up with the latest developments of mitigating carbon emissions thru utilising environmentally-friendly patrols.

“Dubai Police have always adopted best practices in energy efficiency and clean energy and applied sustainable practices. These include the Dubai Police Sustainable Development Roadmap 2030 being the first national unified energy plan that considers energy production and consumption; a plan that falls in line with the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021,” added Al Marri.

General Directorate of Residency of Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)

HE Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of the General Directorate of Residency of Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), declared that it’s important to participate in Earth Hour activities because of its impact on climate change and its contribution to change; making Dubai and other global cities adaptable to climate change by achieving an ecological balance, rationalising water and electricity consumption, and reducing the use of plastic and paper materials.

He also emphasised the importance of highlighting the negative impacts of climate change, focusing on the positive impact of individual collective efforts on the environment and their important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. He affirmed that GDRFA’s participation in Earth Hour with DEWA aims to enhance opportunities to reduce the impact of climate change; creating awareness in society about the risks of climate change, highlighting climate action for positive change, and supporting national efforts to achieve comprehensive development in Dubai.

Al Marri praised DEWA’s efforts in achieving significant savings through its awareness campaigns, which contributed to supporting the Emirate’s objectives of rationalising the consumption of natural resources, stressing that such awareness campaigns carry a message to the world on the importance of spreading sustainable environmental awareness, reminding us of our responsibility to society and the environment as well as the need to protect the planet.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said, “RTA’s participation in Earth Hour event stems from our commitment to support environmental sustainability and our ongoing efforts to preserve natural resources and conserve energy. It is also in line with the long-term national initiative unleashed by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in 2012 to build a green economy under the theme ‘Green Economy for Sustainable Development.’

“RTA’s devotion to environmental sustainability is marked by many achievements; like being the first entity in the region to obtain an international accreditation in energy management (ISO 50001) in 2013, introducing the Green Economy Award in 2014, and developing Green Economy Framework in 2016. RTA has also motivated employees and partners to contribute innovative ideas in support of this drive.”

“RTA has undertaken an array of projects and initiatives dedicated to conserving the environment; such as transforming 50% of Dubai Taxi fleet into hybrid/electric vehicles by 2021 and replacing conventional street lights by LED power-saving lights. Initiatives also include procuring buses compatible with European standards of low-carbon emissions, including Euro 5 and Euro 6 buses, the first of their kind in the Middle East and North Africa.”

“RTA supports Earth Hour by taking several measures such as switching off the lights in designated streets and RTA facilities and reducing power consumption in metro stations. These actions spread power-conservation awareness; which has become a practice in all RTA’s existing and future projects, as we always take into consideration environmental conservation needs while planning and executing our projects,” concluded Al Tayer.

Dubai Municipality

“Dubai Municipality is keen to annually make an active contribution to Earth Hour in response to the directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to make Dubai one of the cleanest cities in the world with the lowest carbon footprint. Earth Hour, held in cooperation with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), highlights Dubai Municipality’s vision of developing a happy and sustainable city as well as achieves an important aspect of its mission to plan, develop, and manage an excellent city that provides the essence of success and sustainable living. It also positively reflects a number of values in our Strategic Plan (2016-2021), specifically our responsibility to society and the environment to stimulate innovation and happiness. In addition, this global initiative supports many of our strategic objectives as it will help grow our city in terms of sustainable urban planning for the future of Dubai as well as maintain the Emirate’s excellence in ensuring safety and public health. Earth Hour also corresponds to the city’s sustainability and its objectives, most prominently environmental protection, natural resource sustenance, and the application of leading sustainability systems through constructive partnerships and effective communication with various segments of society and partners. Community awareness on energy conservation, protection of natural resources, and preservation of the environment represent a firm approach to Dubai Municipality’s practices, reflected in the launch of several projects and initiatives that reduce the impacts of climate change and its grave consequences threatening the planet,” said Dawood Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality.

Secretariat General of the Executive Council of Dubai

HE Abdullah Al Basti, Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai, said the Earth Hour movement calls for nation-wide participation involving all communities and individuals to take responsibility for the environment, and highlighted the importance of the initiative to spark awareness on the adverse effects of climate change.

“Observing Earth Hour will help raise awareness on the increasing need to combat pollution, conserve energy and protect natural resources for the generations to come. Focusing on environmental issues and climate change remain central to ensure sustainable development and reduce the impact of climate change as per the Dubai Plan 2021 – aligned with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council. Dubai is making significant strides in creating and promoting sustainable development concepts to preserve the environment. Our participation in this global initiative will help spread awareness on the effects of climate change and the importance of mindful consumption of energy – in line with nation’s efforts to use resources efficiently, reduce carbon footprint and protect the environment,” said Al Basti.

Dubai Supreme Council of Energy

“The UAE is a global model for implementing the best international standards that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint resulting from carbon dioxide emissions, and for participating in important global initiatives, such as Earth Hour. We appreciate DEWA’s efforts to organise the world's largest unified activity in the Emirate to address climate change. We are proud to join global efforts in celebrating Earth Hour in the UAE, across its various government institutions and with the support and participation of all segments of society, as this initiative helps the various parties demonstrate their commitment to the preservation of the environment. The UAE offers a unique model of this day that falls annually on 30 March, not only through its commitment to switching off lights for one hour but also in finding an ideal opportunity to showcase its efforts and initiatives in reducing electricity and water consumption throughout the year. The UAE also strives to spread awareness of the initiative among employees and various segments of society, in line with the national strategies that are sponsored by the UAE's leadership,” said HE Ahmed Buti Al Muhairbi, Secretary General of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy.

DP World Group

“Sustainability is a watchword at DP World and our commitment is reflected across all our operations. Earth Hour is an important event that brings to our attention to the need for all of us to act to help protect the environment. One of our major projects is the installation of 154,000 solar panels in 44 locations and buildings in Jebel Ali and Mina Rashid, the largest solar rooftop project in the Middle East delivering an estimated annual saving of 48,000 tonnes of carbon a year, the equivalent of taking more than 9,300 cars off the road for a year. The programme is being rolled out to our other operations around the world and we are excited by the prospects. Improved measurement of fuels and electricity, efficiencies in terminal projects, retrofitting lighting with energy efficient LED’s and use of low carbon fuels such as liquefied natural gas and compressed gas are some of our other activities. By raising awareness of renewable energy and taking steps to save energy we are helping work towards a carbon-neutral future for the UAE,” said HE Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman and CEO at DP World Group.

Dubai Civil Defence

“UAE constitutes a unique prototype of the profound understanding of the importance of maintaining the nature, natural resources as well as environment protection. Our homeland, vowed since its inception, to protect the earth and environment, issuing needful legislations, implement projects and programmes that made it stay top among other pioneers countries care to protect earth and above and underground potential resources, and role model for environment protection, emulated internationally, to ensure upcoming generations will enjoy living in healthy, clean and safe environment. Today, UAE is reaping the seeds ingrained by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah rest his soul in peace, and his forecasting vision on environmental issue, that turned UAE into an international pioneer icon in environment protection and natural resources sustainability, through achieving integration between comprehensive development on one side, environment cleanliness and earth protection on the other side. Celebrating Earth Hour event aims to spread awareness about the importance of long run environmental sustainability and earth care and protection. We earth inhabitants are directly responsible for keeping our environment clean and preserve wild life, as a loyalty to our ancestors and for the sake of our grandsons simultaneously,” said Major General Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Commander in Chief of Dubai Civil Defence.

Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services

"Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has always contributed to activities to protect the environment, preserving the planet and reducing harmful emissions. Climate change and carbon emissions are significant threats to life on our planet. Earth Hour, the largest of such activities, is an annual environmental event launched by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in 2007 that Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has taken part of since its inception in the UAE where Dubai was the first Arab city to participate in this major environmental event. We are keen on raising awareness of the threat of climate change, encouraging individuals and organisations to take part in this annual event by turning off unnecessary lights and electronic devices for one hour. This will contribute to the rationalisation of consumption to preserve the rights of generations to come,” said HE Khalifa Al Darrai, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS).

Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)

Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai said, "When millions of people across the world come together to make a small change to benefit our planet, we reflect a strong message of sustainability. The Earth Hour brings together people to realise this common goal of making a small change and realising the need to use our resources with greater consciousness. The education community in Dubai supports this important initiative and together with our schools and universities we strive to contribute towards a better future, for the generations to come.”

Dubai Holding

“Since its inception in 2004, Dubai Holding has played a critical role in bringing the Dubai Government’s vision to life, whether through socio-economic development, corporate wellness or environmental sustainability. We are very proud of the advancements we have made so far in supporting key environmental sustainability initiatives in the country, as well as developing and implementing our own series of initiatives and activities to help us get one step closer to our goal securing a safe, healthy and prosperous future for the good of tomorrow. We are proud to be the strategic sponsor to DEWA’s ‘Earth Hour UAE Walkathon’ and help bring together members of the wider community at our very own Marasi Promenade-Business Bay. We have encouraged all our 20,000 staff members to partake in this motivational walkathon and play an active role in contributing to this vital cause,” said Khalid Al Malik, Managing Director of Dubai Holding.

Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence

“Earth Hour goes beyond this day. We aggregate to celebrate our collective efforts and their positive impacts on our Earth. We need to embrace sustainable living and show our consideration towards the preciousness of our resources. Show your efforts through beyond the hour,” said Waleed Salman, Chairman of Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (Dubai Carbon).


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