| 18 September, 2017

Cleaner tampers with parking ticket to extend time

RTA inspector saw car with several tickets while on duty

A cleaner at a bank has been charged with forgery in the Court of First Instance, after he allegedly forged a parking ticket and put it on the car belonging to a bank employee.

The 30-year-old Bangladeshi man is believed to have extended the parking time by two hours, from 10.22am to 12.22am.

The incident allegedly happened on August 8 when the female bank employee asked him to get the parking tickets and put them on the car.

"I used to ask the cleaner every day to get those tickets, as I park my car in the RTA paid spaces in front of the bank. I give him Dh26 to cover seven hours," the Emirati employee said. "It is not just me who had assigned the cleaner with this. Many other staff did the same."

She said police officers came into the bank around 11.30am one day. "They asked about the owner of a car and when told it was me, they said the parking ticket time had been altered. When I said I was not aware the ticket was tampered with, they caught the cleaner."

An RTA inspector said he saw a car with several tickets while he was on duty at Freej Al Murar in Naif.

"One of the tickets was valid till 12.22pm, while the fee paid was Dh2. Usually, Dh2 is for half an hour parking only. It was 10.55am when I spotted the ticket so I called the police," the Egyptian inspector told the prosecutor.

Upon arrest, the cleaner confessed to the police he had tampered with the ticket to extend the time. "We caught the cleaner right after learning from the bank employee that he was the one getting the parking tickets for her car. When we questioned him, he was quiet at first, but looked scared and tense," a police sergeant said.

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